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Jun 8, 2017


How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

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Installing an in-ground trampoline is the new trend in backyard play-equipment and deign. An Inground trampoline is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also safer in comparison to the traditional trampolines available in the market. An in-ground trampoline is one of the best things that you can have in your yard. If you are wondering how to DIY in-ground trampoline installation, then there is nothing for you to worry. Just know that this is a project that simply has you taking a standard trampoline and burying it below the ground for minimizing fall distance. With an in-ground trampoline there is no height added to the fall and this is something that makes a difference in using an in-ground trampoline instead of a traditional trampoline. If you have taken up the task of installing an in-ground trampoline yourself then there are some important steps that you need to follow. The steps include:

Purchasing the Trampoline

The very first thing that you need to do is purchase a good quality in-ground trampoline. It is important for you to ensure that the in-ground trampoline that you choose is built to be installed in a trampoline pit. This is because it might be very dangerous to use a traditional trampoline in a pit. You must be aware of the fact that there are different varieties of in-ground trampolines available throughout the market. They differ, not only in their shape but also in their design and overall style and functionality. Once you are done with the process of purchasing an in-ground trampoline, it is time for you to know the measurements and select the right place for installing the trampoline.

Selecting and Preparing the Right Area for In-Ground Trampoline Installation

Your next step is selecting an area in your backyard that is away from low-hanging trees, drainage, gas pipes, water and other important utility services. It is also important for you to find an area that is completely level. Once you get hold of this area, turn the frame of the trampoline over and trace it using paint. Now, it is time for you to excavate the spot that you have marked with paint. You can do this by making use of a mechanical digger or shovel. Try removing debris while digging including metal pieces, roots and rocks. The depth of the hole should be same as the height of the in-ground trampoline. This will ensure that the trampoline sits perfectly at ground level. You need to keep the dirt that you pull out during this process because you will need it later.

Reinforcing the Pit

Once you are done with the excavation of the pit, you need to reinforce it. For this, you will require reinforcement systems or you also have the option of making your own using wood and sheet metal. Install pressure treated wood around the in-ground trampoline frame by making use of self-tapping screws. The sheet metal should be used for wrapping the frame of the trampoline and secure it using screws. This ensures that there will be no chances of the hole caving in.ConclusionDue to the fact that some of the major injuries related to the use of a trampoline are of falling off and hitting the ground, there are more and more people looking for the methods on how to DIY on-ground trampoline installation.…

Jun 8, 2017


Fun Things to Do On a Trampoline Alone

A trampoline serves as one of the greatest additions to the backyard. Children simply love them and they serve as one of the best ways of burning some energy and having great fun. Unfortunately, trampolines are also the cause of many accidents and therefore it is always advisable to make use of an in-ground trampoline for different activities. Using an in-ground trampoline reduces the chances of accidents because the trampoline is at ground level. This helps in reducing the height of the fall when the kids are jumping. It is also easier to step in and out of in-ground trampolines. Yet another benefit of an in-ground trampoline is that it blends seamlessly into the environment of the backyard. They are far better than the conventional trampolines that are an eye sore in the backyard because of their height and size.

Exciting Things to Do On a Trampoline in the Backyard

In-ground trampolines are not only safe and fun but they are one of the best ways of spending some leisure time alone without feeling bored. If you have a home that features a yard then one thing that you can do for making it the coolest home on the block is getting a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline is not the only fun way of playing around with the family but it is also your source of getting some low impact and high aerobic exercises that help in improving agility, coordination and balance. Some fun things to do on a trampoline alone are as follows:

Trampoline Tricks

Jumping on a mat stretched over the trampoline springs might appear as a repetitive and simple activity. However, the ones who get comfortable with this movement will soon get the ability of incorporating various trampoline tricks for impressing friends and adding a level of technical skill to their exercises. However, it is important for you to assess your comfort level and age prior to starting with the attempts of doing some trampoline tricks. The ones who are below 10 years of age should not attempt to do trampoline tricks without making use of a trampoline net for ensuring that they do not bounce off onto the ground in case they lose footing.

Low Impact exercises

Another fun thing to do on a trampoline alone is ramping up your cardio with some lunges, jumping jacks, squats and high knees. Simply jogging or running around the perimeter of the trampoline can also be of good help.KickboxingThis is another interesting activity that can best be done on a trampoline. Trying out kickboxing on a trampoline can help in making higher and more fun jumps.Chalk ArtYou might not be aware of the fact that you can actually write anything on the surface of the trampoline by making use of a sidewalk chalk. You can take it in the form of a huge canvas and create something interesting. Chalk art is the best thing that you can do on your trampoline and it is also very easy to clean off the art that you do you’re the trampoline. It will ward off automatically once you start jumping on it or if it rains a bit.
Skip Bouncing
A trampoline can best be used in the form of a skipping tool. You can take your skipping rope and practice a fast skipping and bounce rhythm. Bounce skipping is one of the best activities for the ones with knee and ankle issues who do not have the ability of skipping on hard surface.YogaYoga is also a fun and beneficial thing that you can do on our trampoline alone. Practicing yoga on a trampoline’s soft surface is safe and fun at the same time. this also exerts very little pressure on the joints.ConclusionThe above mentioned activities are probably some of the best fun things to do on a trampoline alone.…