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What are the best trampoline exercises?

This article is all about the best trampoline exercises let’s see how can you use Trampoline to gain health:

Trampoline exercises, also known as “bounce”, are 70% more effective for health than jogging during the same amount of time, said the NASA research report in the newspaper “Aviation, Space and Enviromental Medicine “published in 2006. Even the most intense trampoline exercises inflict less impact on bones and joints than running. The best trampoline exercises burn calories, improve lung and heart health and improve your balance.


With each bounce on the trampoline, you are going against the effect of gravity. The higher you jump, the more energy you will use, which will increase the number of calories you burn. Each time you land on the trampoline you are only stopping your movement downwards, but you also gain acceleration back, forcing your muscles to react an equivalent to three times the force of gravity. Bouncing also improves your sense of balance. In the moment of weightlessness in the air that you experience with each rebound you are exercising a variety of muscles to keep you oriented with each landing.

Vertical lift dance

As with all trampoline exercises, the basic movement of the vertical lift dance is to jump up and down. However, at the top of each jump, at the moment you are suspended in the air, you can introduce some dance moves. These can include a total twist of your body, an energetic kick, pull up while you hug your knees and almost anything else that allows you to return to the neutral position before landing. Jump with music of happy rhythm to obtain rhythm and speed. Select dance routines to emphasize the use of the muscles you want to develop.

Trot with jumps

The trot with jumps combines the benefits of jogging with the jump on a trampoline, but without the stress of high impact caused by running through the streets. This routine begins in the center of the trampoline, with a few gentle warming jumps to establish your balance. Gradually increase the height of your vertical impulse. Once you have a steady pace of high jumps, start jogging by landing on an alternate foot with each jump. Lift each knee as high as you can with each step. Continue for three minutes. Increase the time to obtain greater cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits. Relax back to your gentle vertical warming routine.

Simple vertical bounce

Many trampoline exercise experts recommend a simple vertical jump routine as one of the best exercises for toning muscles in general. The continuous cycle of weightlessness and normal gravity stimulates the flow of your lymphatic system, which improves the release of waste by exercising the muscles and stimulates your immune system. The simple vertical rebound requires only that you jump over the center of the trampoline with smooth movements, making sure that you bounce with enough force to lift your feet with each lift. If you do not have confidence in your balance when jogging or doing dances on the trampoline and do not have a supervisor, the simple vertical jump is the safest option.

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