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Jun 8, 2017


How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

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How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

How to DIY Inground Trampoline?

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Installing an in-ground trampoline is the new trend in backyard play-equipment and deign. An Inground trampoline is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also safer in comparison to the traditional trampolines available in the market. An in-ground trampoline is one of the best things that you can have in your yard. If you are wondering how to DIY in-ground trampoline installation, then there is nothing for you to worry. Just know that this is a project that simply has you taking a standard trampoline and burying it below the ground for minimizing fall distance. With an in-ground trampoline there is no height added to the fall and this is something that makes a difference in using an in-ground trampoline instead of a traditional trampoline. If you have taken up the task of installing an in-ground trampoline yourself then there are some important steps that you need to follow. The steps include:

Purchasing the Trampoline

The very first thing that you need to do is purchase a good quality in-ground trampoline. It is important for you to ensure that the in-ground trampoline that you choose is built to be installed in a trampoline pit. This is because it might be very dangerous to use a traditional trampoline in a pit. You must be aware of the fact that there are different varieties of in-ground trampolines available throughout the market. They differ, not only in their shape but also in their design and overall style and functionality. Once you are done with the process of purchasing an in-ground trampoline, it is time for you to know the measurements and select the right place for installing the trampoline.

Selecting and Preparing the Right Area for In-Ground Trampoline Installation

Your next step is selecting an area in your backyard that is away from low-hanging trees, drainage, gas pipes, water and other important utility services. It is also important for you to find an area that is completely level. Once you get hold of this area, turn the frame of the trampoline over and trace it using paint. Now, it is time for you to excavate the spot that you have marked with paint. You can do this by making use of a mechanical digger or shovel. Try removing debris while digging including metal pieces, roots and rocks. The depth of the hole should be same as the height of the in-ground trampoline. This will ensure that the trampoline sits perfectly at ground level. You need to keep the dirt that you pull out during this process because you will need it later.

Reinforcing the Pit

Once you are done with the excavation of the pit, you need to reinforce it. For this, you will require reinforcement systems or you also have the option of making your own using wood and sheet metal. Install pressure treated wood around the in-ground trampoline frame by making use of self-tapping screws. The sheet metal should be used for wrapping the frame of the trampoline and secure it using screws. This ensures that there will be no chances of the hole caving in.ConclusionDue to the fact that some of the major injuries related to the use of a trampoline are of falling off and hitting the ground, there are more and more people looking for the methods on how to DIY on-ground trampoline installation.…

Jan 4, 2017


A perfect guide to use trampolines safely

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use trampolines safely

How to use trampolines safely

If you fail to follow the safety guide, then you will not be able to make effective and safe usage of trampolines. You can also start your jumping practice under the guidance of any professional trainer.Safety instructions
  • Adult supervision: If kids are using trampolines then every time the devices should be used under strict adult supervision. Parents should correct the jumping postures of the kids so that sudden accidents and injuries can be avoided. Adults should stand beside the trampolines and the kids should play within the jumping device, Make sure that your kids are not going outside the jumping-mat’s edges otherwise they might fall down and will get themselves hurt badly.
  • Reading user’s manual: If you are using the trampolines for the very first time, then in that case it is wise following the manufacturer’s guide. This guide can be treated as the best safety manual for the users. You should know the perfect usage and assembling of trampoline accessories. You should read out the manual guide thoroughly, especially the safety instructions. Some vital safety instructions are setting a jumping mat, information regarding weight-limits, jumping patterns and many more. These safety details are now also available within updated trampoline reviews
  • Choosing appropriate trampoline location: hazardous places should not be chosen otherwise unwanted troubles will get invited. Potential hazards, especially trees, outdoor equipment, fences, hedges and others need to be removed so that hindrances or obstacles do not get created. Jumping space should be clear and free from all risks. Energy-absorbing and soft grounds like grassy locations are to be considered as one of the idealistic places where trampolines can be easily installed and comfortably utilized. Hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt floors without any safety nets or crash mats should not be used at all.
  • Detailed inspection: Trampolines should be thoroughly inspected before usage for finding out that whether they have got any defects or not. All necessary accessories are to be checked like springs, pads, jumping mats, frames and others. Loose or missing springs can make the mats tear and you might face physical injuries. In this way, you can get the best trampoline of your choice.
  • No jumping during rainfall: Rain water can make the device surface slippery and thus you might get slipped at any time during jumping. Therefore, at the time of wet seasons, the devices should be covered well with waterproof covers that can prevent non-galvanized hooks and springs from rusting.
  • One-at-a-time rule: Multiple fellows should not jump over trampolines at the same time rather one-at-a-time rule should be applied for maintaining acute safety. This will not only prevent injuries, but the device surface can also be protected from damages due to excessive weights.
  • Safe exit by kids: First of all, kids below 6 years are not allowed to play with trampolines. Kids above years are allowed but they should follow some strict safety methods for exit. Ladders should be used for climbing down the trampolines.
  • Good enclosures: Trampolines with safety nets are to be chosen for getting a higher level of protection. These kinds of trampolines are mostly chosen for kids.