The 12 foot trampoline

Jun 3, 2017


The 12 foot trampoline

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  • The 12 foot trampoline is another best trampoline that is on offer. You can save up to 30% if you buy this. Its features are almost similar to that of 8 foot trampoline and come with an enclosure. Again, this device can help treat obesity as it gives good cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. The ultra durable device will last for decades and offer hours of fun. It is perfect for playing crack egg as 4 children can jump at the same time. Each player here will have egg which needs to be held on the feet. The other jumper jumps on the trampoline to let go off that egg. The winner here is the one who has an egg not cracked. Size of the device depends on the number of children who will jump together in it.

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