14 feet Premium enclosure Trampoline

Jun 3, 2017


14 feet Premium enclosure Trampoline

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The 14 feet Premium enclosure Trampoline is very high quality trampoline featuring premium enclosure for maximum fun and enjoyment. This trampoline is great for both adults and kids and there is no restriction of single weight user. Person of any weight can enjoy the jumping sessions with ease and comfort. The height is 36 inches and in fact it is 6 times cross sewed with the polypropylene material and features a UV treated mat. It comes with 12 months of guarantee and carries much robust body. This is again a heavy duty trampoline which is designed for 1 year spherical use. During summers you can soar higher and higher to enjoy the warmth and there is no need to take the device down. Featuring heavy gauge galvanized springs, the tramp carries an efficiently sewn mat, thick spring pad of foam material and finally an enclosure matching with the mat. The galvanized spring preload of 69 N makes the tramp extremely efficient and gives you endless hours of fun and entertainment. The prime quality enclosure matches with the tramp mat and is tightened within the very springs.

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