Trampolines are tremendous fun but are they safe? Let’s find out about are Trampolines Safe For Adults?

A mini trampoline can be used to work on a variety of fitness goals, such as improving balance and performing the aerobic exercise with reduced impact. However, due to the unstable surface, care should be taken to use the trampoline if you are an older person. Due to the increased risk of falls and injuries as you get older, you may want to use the trampoline with the help of a bar or an observer – a person strong enough to stop your fall, if necessary – or choose an alternative exercise to complement your exercise routine. The risk of falls and injuries
The rate of falls in the elderly is much higher than for any other adult age group, the Centers for Control and Prevention of which one in three adults over 65 and more fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in this group and the result of many hospitalizations each year, for example, there were 662,000 hospitalizations due to falls in the United States in 2010. The rate of mortality and injuries increased significantly with each increase ten-year-old, placing greater importance on security as he gets older.

Using a Spotter

Using a trampoline may be contraindicated for you if you are an older person with balance problems. However, because the unstable surface of the trampoline can help orient your balance muscles and improve your reaction time when balance is lost, you can use the mini trampoline carefully. Many mini trampolines have an optional railing. Alternatively, have someone serve as an assistant by your side, hold it around your waist at the beginning and then move to stand by your side as your balance improves, so you can more easily recover your balance and reduce the risk of falls .

Floor-Based Exercises Pre-Trampoline

You can prepare your body for mini trampoline routines by improving balance while on the ground. Have an assistant or a chair to make sure if you lose your balance. Start by standing on one foot and increase your capacity until you can do it for three minutes without losing your balance. You can move forward to send kicks and kicks aside to further challenge your balance.

Joint Impact

You may want to use the mini trampoline to help reduce the impact on the joints in the exercise. If you have a good balance and exercise often, this can be an effective solution for you. However, if the trampoline is not safe for you, reduce the joint impact by exercising on soft surfaces, such as grass or sand, and with the use of the best footwear reduction impact. Consult your doctor about whether the mini trampoline is a good exercise for you.

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