Frequently asked questions as buying a trampoline

Which trampoline to buy?

Which trampoline to buy?

We specialize in trampolines and we receive many questions from customers who want to buy a trampoline that fits their needs for use either for your home or for event companies, restaurants, hotels, campsites or adventure parks. So let’s discuss the best trampoline to buy in 2018.

The market for trampolines is very extensive, we can find trampolines of different qualities, shapes and uses, but the most important thing before buying a trampoline is to be clear about where it will be located and what use it will have. On our website we have different sections to differentiate them and help customers choose the appropriate model. The trampolines are also in different sections according to their shape and use.

You will find the trampolines for domestic use (for use by children and / or adults in the garden of a private house) in the following sections:

Round elastic
beds Rectangular
elastic beds Elastic beds for burial

Certified trampolines for public use in hotels, campsites, restaurants, fairs, events, toy libraries, adventure parks and trampolines are in the categories marked with the letter C and framed with a blue box the box to distinguish more easily :
Elastic beds C
Elastic beds to bury C

In the section of Fitness trampolines you will find models to practice bodyjump or gymnastics at home or in gyms. Those for domestic use are marked with the color orange and those of public use in blue.

How to compare elastic beds?
The trampolines are very popular. You will see them in many shops and gardens but are they all the same? With so much offer it is difficult to choose the best option. For this we indicate the 6 most relevant aspects in which you should look to find the best option in safety, durability and price.

1. The structure of the trampoline.
It is the basis of a good elastic jumper. The structures of cheap trampolines are usually made of poor quality materials. Is the structure galvanized inside and outside? If so, you will have an anti-corrosion coating applied. This is an important indicator in blue to indicate the durability of a trampoline.
You also have to look at the thickness of the diameter and width of the tube wall. The wider and thicker, the stronger it will be.

To make it fit well and easily, each piece of the structure of the trampoline is equipped with several strong connection pins. The advantage of using these connection plugs is that they connect all parts of the structure easily, without screws. In addition, the legs under the trampoline do not fall when the elastic jumper moves from A to B.

2. The spring protector 
It is the padded part that covers the springs (usually green but you can also find them in red, blue or other colors). The thicker and wider the spring protector, the more protection it will give you if you fall on top. This is probably the part of the trampoline that we are most requested as a replacement, due to the poor quality of some models manufactured in other companies. It is important that they are PVC instead of Polyethylene (PE). It is proven that PE in climates like the Mediterranean does not last a year because the sun burns it very easily. In addition, the interior foam has to be “closed cell foam” to be water repellent.

3. The springs of the trampoline
The BERG trampoline springs are specially designed for children, however, they are also safe for adults. Children often weigh much less than adults, so to ensure that children are able to jump without getting tired easily, BERG has the Goldspring + springs , very flexible and elastic, that make jumping easier for both children and adults. To ensure that the springs are safe for adults these are made with thick wire. Did you know that a single spring can support 50 kg?

4. Elastic tarpaulin
The jump canvases have triangular eyes to fix them with the springs to the structures. The more seams you have, the safer and more durable it will be. For example, those of the BERG brand have been sewn 8 times for greater security.

5. The safety net
It is essential that a trampoline has a safety net. And that the network is PVC instead of Polyethylene (PE) if you want it to last more than one summer. That the foams that protect the posts are covered with a fabric so that they do not break in a short time. That the entrance is without a zipper or any other element that has to be closed by children when entering, as they can easily forget to close. The BERG and MASGAMES trampolines are manufactured with a usable design, which allows to enter without having to close and in case of impacting against the network of the entrance, it is not possible to exit. The entrance door also has to be marked with a different color so that they can find the exit easily.

6. The After-sales service
We have many cases of people who have bought a trampoline and have broken a piece and can not find the replacement, either because they bought the trampoline in a store where they do not offer spare parts, or because they do not know what manufacturer go to why your trampoline has no brand. In Topludi we offer spare parts for our trampolines , which can also be used for other trampolines if the spare part is compatible.

Why does the BERG trampoline brand give a lower recommended maximum weight than other brands of less quality?
A trampoline should last for many years. One of the criteria in which many customers are fixed when they want to buy a trampoline is the maximum weight that a trampoline supports.

BERG trampolines may indicate a recommended maximum weight below elastic beds of the same diameter as other brands. Some customers may think that the quality and safety of the trampoline is lower because the indicated weight is lower. Nothing is further from reality, since the maximum user weight indicated by BERGrefers to the flexibility of the springs of the trampoline (the ease with which they stretch) and not the strength of the structure. A structure of the BERG trampoline can withstand a maximum weight of 600 kg (depending on the model, we indicate it in each product sheet). The greater the maximum weight of the users, the stiffer the springs will be, or in other words, it will take more effort to jump on the trampoline.

To give the best jumping experience, the manufacturer BERG consciously chooses to use more flexible springs and a lower recommended maximum user weight. This combination not only ensures a pleasant jumping experience but represents a margin of safety that guarantees that the feet will never touch the ground, with the experience of jumping safer. Therefore, a lower maximum user weight is really very positive. A BERG trampoline is a high quality and safe trampoline, which will provide years of fun.

Elastic beds that support adult weight

What are the differences between a trampoline for domestic use and another for commercial or public use?
The trampolines for commercial or public use have been designed to be used more frequently and for longer, so the structures are much thicker than those for domestic use, the more resistant jumping canvases, the springs resist more jumps ( and more weight) and, most importantly, have a certificate that says the trampoline is ready to be in a public place. It is also essential to buy elastic beds from manufacturers that sell spare parts because it is very likely that they will need them over time.

For our experience if you have a company and want to put a trampoline, in the medium term it will be cheaper to buy a trampoline for professional use than a domestic use. Everything that would be saved by buying a domestic one will pay for repairs and headaches, since the trampoline will stop a few days without being used while repairing it. A trampoline for domestic use placed in a hotel, camping, adventure park or other place of public use, loses the warranty.

What are the differences between the different models of BERG trampolines?

BERG has a wide range of elastic beds with different qualities and sizes. We have a section where we explain in detail the differences between the different models of BERG trampolines.

Why do the larger trampolines carry more weight than the smaller ones?
The larger the trampoline the more springs it has and, therefore, the more weight it supports.

How many children fit on a trampoline?
A child or adult can fit all the trampolines, with a diameter of 180 cm or 430 cm. Safety regulations state that only one person should jump, so there is no risk of them colliding when they jump and injure themselves.

What are the differences between a round and a rectangular trampoline?
The center of a round trampoline is the most optimal jumping point. The experience is better when jumping in the middle of the jump canvas. When the person jumps on the trampoline, the jumper will be pushed to the middle.
A rectangular trampoline has an optimal jump line. The jumper can easily and comfortably jump in the middle line over the entire length of the jump canvas. In this way, the jump surface is used more efficiently. Rectangular elastic beds are usually used for sporting purposes for this reason.

jumping on a trampoline is good for your health

The trampolines for what age are they?
The trampolines are not designed for children under 3 years due to the risk of falling and the presence of small components. It has been studied that children from 6 years old have enough motor skills (balance, coordination etc.) to jump alone on a trampoline. This is the reason why manufacturers like BERG indicate that the age of use is 6 years forward. This age is indicated on the box of the trampoline to ensure that buyers are advised. However it is a decision of the buyer to give a trampoline for younger children but knowing that they must watch over them and that children as young as they still will not get the maximum experience in the jump.

Jumping on a trampoline is also suitable for adults, we sell many small trampolines for fitness and any of the large ones also support the average weight of an adult.

Can a trampoline help you lose weight?
Playing outdoors is always a highly recommended physical activity for both children and adults. Not only jump on a trampoline, also swing, play chase, climb etc. Some time ago we shared in our blog the study of a British university that ensures that the best exercise for children is to play outside.

Jumping on a trampoline is a highly recommended activity because it is a fun sport and this is essential to motivate the most lazy to jump. On our website we have a section of exercises to do on a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline will use up as many calories as running, but for a child it is much easier to encourage him to jump on a trampoline than to get him to take a run. For a child, jumping on a trampoline is a game, while running can be interpreted as a punishment or an obligation.

What maintenance do you need a trampoline?

For a trampoline to last for many years and avoid any problem, it is necessary to devote a little time to maintenance.
Periodically we have to check if there is any broken or very worn piece. Does any component need to be replaced? If so, it is recommended to buy the replacement of the trampoline to maintain your safety.
Check your trampoline in the following aspects:

The state of the frame connections (broken welds or bent frame).
State of spring springs of the trampoline (breakage or excessive stretching).
The condition of the jump canvas (damage, incorrect tension or flaccidity of the canvas).
Spring guard absent or incorrectly placed.
Sewing, fraying, rips or holes in the jump canvas, in the spring guard or in the safety net.
State of the rubber that fix the spring protector or the safety net in the structure.
If during a given period of time you are not going to use the trampoline, for example, throughout the winter, it is a good idea to store the trampoline in a dry place. You can also cover the elastic jumper with a cover. The cover also helps keep the trampoline clean of leaves and branches that can hurt children’s feet by jumping barefoot on top of them.

What is the best way to clean the trampoline?

If you have not used the trampoline for a long time, you may want to clean it to remove cobwebs and dirt.
The jump canvas and the protective edge are easily cleaned with a cloth and a little cold water. Do not use solvents, detergent, soap powder or hot water.

What are the accessories you should buy a trampoline?

There is no mandatory accessory to buy if they were included in the product, but some are highly recommended:

The ladder to climb the jumper. Without stairs, it is difficult to climb. BERG has a ladder with a platform that, besides being very useful, makes it even easier to enter and exit the trampoline. Under the ladder platform, there is a net to store the shoes.
The cover helps to have the elastic trampoline clean and dry so that the diver lasts longer and is always ready to jump. Jumping on a wet trampoline is not safe and jumping on a trampoline with leaves or branches can hurt children’s feet.
The net to place under the trampoline prevents small children, toys or pets from getting under the trampoline when someone is jumping. A highly recommended accessory for the safety of all family members.
The set of anchors prevents the trampoline from flying or moving when there are strong winds. Every year we find some cases of elastic beds that have been damaged by not being fixed on the ground and getting up due to the wind. It is an accessory that is not necessary most of the year, but when there is a lot of wind it is essential.
Is there an easy way to put a cover on a trampoline with a safety net?
By opening the buckles of the safety net (which connect the network to the poles) the network can be lifted. This will allow you to place the trampoline cover around the protective cover.

Why is it mandatory to put a safety net on a trampoline?

When the trampolines were invented, they did not have a safety net, because they were created as a tool for sports. Over the years the jumpers gained popularity and families began to buy them turning them into a toy. A toy must be a very safe product, so safety nets were placed around the jumpers. The European safety standard of 2015 makes it mandatory when the trampolines are intended for children.

In the extensive range of trampolines that we offer you will only find models without net in which they have been specially designed for sports. The round, oval or rectangular elastic beds of the brands BERG or MASGAMES, all come with a net, although they can also be used for sports by adults. The trampolines that are sunken into the floor, like the BERG InGround models , as they are raised 20 cm, are sold with the option to put network if desired. To the BERG flat ground version, since it is not raised nor 1 cm from the ground, it can not be put on the net nor is it necessary to do so.
We also sell safety nets for those customers who have an old trampoline without a net.

Elastic beds to sink in the garden

Which is better, a model of trampoline with legs or one to bury?
One model is not better than another. We wrote long ago an extensive article on how to bury a trampoline where we gave pros and cons of each version but the summary is as follows:

Advantages of the trampolines with legs:

They can be moved easily if necessary and can even be stored in their box if they are not going to be used for a season. In buried trampolines, it is not so easy, since we have to make the hole in the ground.
The trampolines with legs are more easily mounted because it is not necessary to make a hole in the ground.
The access to the trampoline is regulated more easily if it is put elastic network since sometimes animals enter the garden and jump on the trampolines.

Advantages of trampolines:

There are people who think that putting a trampoline in the garden is better integrated into the space, without having a visual barrier that prevents enjoy the beauty of nature.
It is not mandatory to put a safety net, since in the BERG InGround models they are only 20 cm high (although if they are going to use children it is recommended to install it) and in the BERG FlatGround models they are at the same level of the ground, so there is no need to put a network.
The two models to bury the BERG brand have a good jump because the problem of air bags that could have models to be sunk are solved thanks to its innovative design. The Berg InGround for being 20 cm raised to let out the air, and the Berg FlatGround, for having the jump mesh with holes that allow 50% more air to pass than a normal canvas.

Is it difficult to mount a trampoline?

The trampolines are designed to be assembled by families. They come with clear instructions, there are few pieces and you can even find tutorials on YouTube about how they should be mounted. Two people can mount a trampoline in 2 hours. We encourage you to mount the trampoline and if you have doubts you can contact us.

With this post we wanted to answer the most common questions that we usually receive from our clients. We hope you have been useful to acquire the best trampoline according to your needs. If you still have questions or questions about trampolines, contact us and we will gladly answer you.

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