The stories and more about the dogs and the trampoline

Dogs are the most adorable little bundles of joy. Sometimes your best friend and sometimes just as your little daughter or son- they fill up your heart and your life. And there is no denying the fact that they are the most playful creatures on Earth. Give them anything from balls to a trampoline, and they will make the best use of it. They can go on for the whole day entertaining and play with you. And all these makeup for the funniest stories that you get to see the YouTube and other sites.

The dog who felt welcomed

Bella felt like a lost little puppy when the Andersons brought her home. They had brought her from a pet rescue center. She used to lie quietly in the corner all day, and the Andersons were at their wits end on what to do to get her cheered up. Finally, they bought a trampoline at their friends’ suggestion and put Bella on top of it. The fun then began as Bella first hopped a little on the trampoline.

She then warmed up to it and started jumping with full vigor. She became the happy little pup that they had always wanted to see. From that day to the present, the trampoline is still at the couple’s home. Bella has grown up to be healthy and happy, and the trampoline remains her favorite part of the house. So now you see how just a little plaything made a dog feel so much welcome in the house.

The dog that fell through it

Trampolines can be a real mess to the pups and dogs as well, and Buddy got to know it the hard way. He was just trying to imitate his pet-mom Amelia in trying to jump on the trampoline. Amelia was jumping on the trampoline as a part of her daily exercise routine, and Buddy decided to join in. Just two jumps and thanks to his claws the trampoline tore off.

Amelia and Buddy fell hard on the ground. That was the last day when Buddy even ventured near anything that remotely looks like a trampoline. Amelia decided to find other alternatives to her daily exercise and banished the trampoline forever from her home.

The safety with fun factor

The thing about trampoline is that they are super fun for the pets. The trampolines are a great way to get some exercise for your dogs. In the modern busy city life, people hardly get time to take their dogs out every day for some exercise. Most dogs have the tendency to put on weight if they are not put to daily exercise. You can get a trampoline to your home and make the pet jump on for some time every day. Dogs love to jump on the trampoline and in this fun way they get some exercise too.

But one thing that you must be careful about is that you get a trampoline of good quality. Check the net of the product to see if it is strong enough. You do not want to fall off the trampoline along with your pet just like Buddy and Amelia. So get a sturdy and long lasting one.

The tricks on the trampoline

The one thing that is the most interesting to watch is dogs doing tricks on the trampoline. There are many pet owners nowadays who teach several tricks to their dogs. You can go ahead and teach some to your dogs too. You can go ahead and teach them the tricks yourself, or you could hire a trainer to do so. This is just what Mia did with her twin doggies named Toffee and Jenny.

She had hired a trainer to train Toffee and Jenny, and now they can perform some of the best tricks in the book. They can jump around and perform somersaults on the trampoline. Mia loves to show these tricks off to her friends and guests and loves to enjoy them herself as well. She clicks pictures of them and takes videos to post them on all of her social media sites. Her followers and the fans of toffee and Jenny are increasing by the day. You can follow her path as well.


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