The fitness mini trampoline makes losing weight easy by hopping, letting the pounds tumble and cellulite disappear. Why is training on a mini trampoline so effective against the kilos too much on the hip? Ten minutes on the mini trampoline are as effective as 30 minutes jogging.

Who equips himself with a mini trampoline for the home, has very good chances that he gets rid of his extra pounds in a short time . This type of training is also very gentle on the joints . Simultaneously, the heart / circulatory system boosted and the fat burning stimulated. Is there a better way against kilos and cellulite ? We think that is hard to beat :-).

Because you have to when training on the mini trampoline really  do not torture , it is an exercise that every day of fun making and good humormakes and also in ten minutes performed can be. If you want to and who wants to lose weight even faster, you can stay on the mini trampoline as long as you like.

The extra pounds tumble in no time, the cellulite gets much better or even skips away in the long term , the whole body is firmer and you just feel good and in shape. For me personally my absolute top training devicethat I do not want to miss anymore!

Why should I opt for training on the fitness mini trampoline?

The mini trampoline for the home or the trampoline for the garden is certainly one of the few sports equipment that is really fun and where you do not have to constantly force yourself to practice.

It is also one of the few devices that easily play pretty much all body muscles work , including those which are lower, including the coordination , the sense of balance, heart / circulation and the condition have a positive influence. One can in the long term lose weight and then keep it, all his toned body, the counter cellulite and his fitness level is many times better .

Trampoline jumping is a very gentle workout for the body! Even those who are completely unsportsmanlike, can achieve good and fast success with the trampoline. Of course, the training duration and intensity plays a role. In addition, jumping the trampoline does not have the effect of being too muscular because you only train certain muscles intensively.

In comparison to a round of jogging in the park, loses to the trampolinein less time more calories, exercising more muscles than running and jumping on the mini-trampoline fitness or on the trampoline in general is also still a lot on the joints than jogging ,

Especially those who suffer from a bit stronger cellulite or weak connective tissue should even refrain from jogging; In case of doubt, it can aggravate the cellulite effect because the vibrations during running are quite strong. When Trampoline training , however, it affects the connective tissue weaknessin a gentle manner contrary , resulting in a positive impact in terms  orange peel  leads. The thighs are firmer and slimmer,  the butt is firmer. The same goes for the whole body.

How many muscles do I train on the mini trampoline?

In fact, when jumping the trampoline, more than 400 muscles are also trained in the body, considering that the human body has a total of 650 muscles , exercising on the mini trampoline or trampoline is generally super efficient.

What are the benefits of training on the mini trampoline?

  • 10 minutes on the trampoline are as effective as 30 minutes of jogging
  • Is a true fat burner
  • Very gentle on the joints
  • Exercises all muscles in the body, even deeper
  • Has a really good anti-cellulite effect
  • Also trains internal organs such as the heart and lungs
  • Promotes the sense of balance
  • Sets the oxygen supply to a maximum
  • Stimulates fat-burning enzymes
  • Stimulates the lymph and leads to purification
  • Has a relaxing effect and releases happy hormones
  • For all ages
  • For every fitness level
  • That’s fun
  • Out of 650 muscles in the body, more than 400 of them are used to jump on the trampoline

We also find all these positive effects when we train on the mini trampoline. Although you do not jump up here, but even easy hopping or seesawing leads to success. Especially for the mini trampoline, there are a variety of training videos on Youtube . Here you will definitely find the right training program for you.

Are there any negative effects when jumping the trampoline?

Except for a bit of soreness and possibly some uncertainty about the balance, we have found no negative effects in jumping. If you are untrained , it should take a slow approach , here are two to three times a week  5 minutes  already completely out to work up a sweat. The soreness will also be noticeable at first; but it disappears as soon as you train regularly.

Which fitness mini trampoline is good? Our 3 top favorites

Enclosed we have picked out our three favorite models and introduce them a little closer.

1. Fit Bounce Pro: rubber rope spring system, up to 120 pounds user weight, feet foldable, foldable!


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