All that you should know if you have grass under trampoline

If someone has a trampoline in his/her garden it’s definitely important and relatively hard to take care of the greenery of the garden. People often as:

How can cut the grass under the trampoline?

What should I do if I have grass under my trampoline?

A garden with grass is a real wonder, especially when you have children or want to be outdoors, sitting on it, or lying looking at the starry sky … Until recently, it was believed that it was much maintenance, so if you lived in a climate where rainfall is scarce, it’s sowing in the gardens was not recommended. But fortunately, this situation is lagging behind, as we can each time have types of grass whose care is low.

Although choose the type you choose, everyone will need to be cut from time to time. If you do not have a lawn mower, do not worry. I’ll explain how to mow the lawn without a machine.

Depending on the surface that occupies the lawn, it will be more advisable to use some tools or others. For example, if the area that covers it is rather small, you can use small pruning shears. But if it is rather large and/or tall it is better to use scissors that are normally used to cut hedges or a sickle. It may take time, however, the result will be worth it.

It is important to always cut more or less at the same height. For this, I advise you that once you have cut a corner, you go a few meters away to check that it is well cut and that they do not look like “mountaineers”.

Before using any tool, it is convenient to disinfect it with a few drops of pharmacy alcohol. In this way, it will prevent the lawn from being affected by fungi, which could seriously harm it. For the same reason, it is also important that, when you finish cutting the grass, you pass the rake to remove the pieces of grass cut. Thus, it will look much more spectacular.

Cutting the lawn without a machine can take time, but … you will enjoy it much later!

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