How much space do we need for a 10ft trampoline?

The 10-Foot Trampoline is the best choice for exercise or fun for the whole family. Its capacity is up to 113.4 kg so your little ones can jump and do exercises, while exercising. Do not worry about safety, as the Xtrender Trampoline has safety mesh, springs and padded poles. Its material is resistant and the canvas has a UV protector for durability, find only the best in

Depending on the type of 10ft trampoline, as there are residential normal style and semi-professional style. the difference between both is the design and in itself the intensity that they allow in the service; the normal one allows less intense dives, since its height of the level of the water, not on passes 1.50mts of high. The semi-professional has a Contador system, and is a bit higher, in relation to the water level, so it allows more intensity in the diving.
The measures stipulated in the international safety codes for these accessories are:

how much space do you need for a 10ft trampoline
Normal: the pool must have not less than 13mts, and the depth ratio in the deep part, not less than 2.5mts. Now, the deep area must be no less than 5mts free, so that length is recommended. In order to make the slope as smooth as possible. and avoid having a dangerous point of structural breakage, by the weight of the water. To reserve that it is only a pit of nailed, there would be of 5m X 5m x 2.5m-depth-.

Semi-professional: the length can be the same, although it is recommended to increase 3mts since the depth increases to a minimum of 3 meters. and the free area is recommended of 6mts in deep part. For the same reasons as before, now, if it is a pit, it is recommended at a depth of at least 3 meters.

This is based on codes, someone will tell you that the measures are not important, in part it would be true, they can be varied, depending on the use and type of the trampoline.

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