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In the recent times, the popularity of adventure sports is rising at a significant rate. The desire to live life on the edge, and to feel the Adrenaline rush through the veins, urge youngsters to take part in these dangerous sports. Among search adventure sports, the popularity of bungee jumping is significant. There are several variations that you can try if you like bungee jumping. One, in particular, does not involve tying a rope to your ankles. It is known as “human bungee jumping.”

In this sport, two harnesses are connected to a round band which is tied to the waist of the person. Once the line is secured, the person can jump up and down on a trampoline, without worrying about going haywire.

Human Bungee Slingshot Safety Features

  1. If you want to take part in this game, make sure you have the right tools to ensure safety. The chances of the line snapping midway or the harness coming off can be eliminated with the use of Human Bungee Slingshot.
  2. The slingshot is made of a super-elastic material that has the potential to stretch at extreme levels. It will eliminate chances of probable breakage.
  3. The hooks attached with the slingshot, so design to revenge slipping. Once the harness goes into the hook, it can be locked in place by securing a screw.

What is bungee trampoline?

The Bungee Trampoline was first designed in Europe (hence the name Euro-Bungee) and were quickly manufactured in other countries. A jumping bed, a harness with ropes, that’s where you can reach a height of 8 meters, perform pirouettes, somersaults, and relive childhood when we jumped in bed, but without the fear of falling. It is an entertaining fun, every time we find more of these trampolines in birthdays, outdoor games, parks or on the shores of our country.

For young and old, anyone can get up; you do not need to have experience … you just want to have fun in this healthy and fun way to exercise your legs. Jorge Órdenes was in line to raise his 5-year-old son while talking to and explained that he saw it as an extreme sport, but he observed all safety measures with the harness that assured each child.

“Under the advice of a city, you are the one who tries to push with your legs to bounce higher and higher. After some jumps, the freedom of movement allows them to go ahead or behind to get their first acrobatics with one, two, three.. It is pure adrenaline. All our trampolines have ergonomic harnesses of high resistance and reinforced seams that allow more excellent durability, as well as elastics of latex designed for the use of the Bungy Trampoline with motors apt to raise up to 250 kilos, so it was told by very entertained Wilson Contreras, who was the charge of the bungee.

Amanda Yévenes, seven years old, “I’m going to go up for the second time, I love it, I feel like a circus acrobat, I want to learn to bounce and take deadly leaps” again in line to access these games

The Bungee Trampoline 4 in 1 game fun for all ages who like to enjoy the outdoors and constant movement.

Bungee Jumping Trampoline Price:

The bungee jumping is perhaps the most extreme sport that exists. However, it is also the least amounts of accidents reported among athletes.

With distant origins, the bungee goes back to the time of the natives who practiced it in the Vanuatu Islands, which is still practiced today is the riskiest of all styles.

Bungee TrampolinFor its part, the new bungee extreme began to be practiced in 1979 when David Kirke and four other teammates jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, ushering in a new era of this extreme sport that would spread quickly throughout the world.

The necessary equipment of bungee jumping is composed of a specific harness, a padded bumper & some fixings, which can control the fall providing progressive braking.
The unique feature is that the elastic cord has a capacity that allows it to support a ton of weight thanks to being composed of a thousand strips of natural latex interlaced with silicone, zinc oxide, and ozone additive.

Currently, there are many centers dedicated to the practice of this sport around the world while the United States has essential training centers and practice in Spain every day are more followers who begin to practice it.

A mixture of sensations the trampoline Bungee is used today with specific adaptations to practice gymnastics, with a team that consists of a trampoline, harnesses and bungee cords and that promises the incredible experience of flying.

It is about jumping on a trampoline and experiencing the sensation of flying by applying pirouettes and twists in the air, bungee trampolines exist of high dimensions, being today an excellent diversion but also a unique sport.

The trampolines are designed offering several forms, from a single bed to six, and today it is possible to find the trampoline bungee in places like the park, swimming pools, and beaches, adapted to people who do not have experience in this type of sport.

The fact of being able to experience the sensation of flying makes the bungee trampoline fun that is as big as boys want to experience.

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