The 5 Best Indoor Trampolines to Enjoy a Routine of Physical Exercise at Home

Did you know that rebound exercises are an excellent alternative to get fit?

Besides being a fun activity, jumping on a mini trampoline can burn more than 400 calories per hour. For that reason and others, we dedicate our article of the day to this wonderful athletic tool, stay with us and know everything you need to know about the best indoor trampoline.

The great advantage of this wonderful exercise is that you can practice it from the comfort of your home, without leaving home and without paying expensive memberships of sports gyms, while simultaneously improving your motor skills and your sense of balance.

You will be surprised to know that jumping on a trampoline can exercise the 638 muscles present in your body, it is a low impact activity, capable of revitalizing your entire body.

If you are excited about the idea but you are one of those people who do not count the space available at home to install a large trampoline, do not despair. Today we have at our disposal small versions of trampolines, also known as ” rebounders “, to enjoy all the benefits that it offers us from the living room of our home.

What is the best indoor trampoline?
Having a fitness trampoline at home will put at your fingertips a fun and innovative way to exercise, to lose weight, increase your stamina levels and strengthen your immune system.

However, finding the perfect trampoline for you is a more complex task than it seems. We live in a world full of alternatives and current market is a reflection of this reality … To navigate with skill the sea of available options is necessary to be well informed.

Keep these factors in mind before buying your dreamed trampoline: The price, the brand , the design, the size, the opinion of the user community and of course the characteristics of each model.

Thinking of you, we prepare a comparative list , consult our 5 suggestions and find a good quality trampoline to equip your home.

AFW 106012 – Professional trampoline
It tolerates a maximum weight of 200kg.

We present you a super trampoline, this mini trampoline is the perfect tool to tone your body and improve your health.

This design gives the user a high-density jump zone, reinforced with an ultra-resistant double layer synthetic fabric. In addition, it comes equipped with a clamping system of 36 extra strong springs to provide a safe and functional product.

The package includes a detachable 124 cm support bar.

AMDirect Fitness Trampoline Trampoline

Available in different sizes and in 2 colors: Red and blue.

It is a wonderful folding trampoline for interiors, a cheap and super versatile model. This equipment has a jump area of 96 cm and a safe and non-slip support system.

It can be easily installed without the need to use tools. Tolerates a maximum load weight of 100kg.

Its folding design makes it easy to transport, it can be folded in 2 or 4 sections to save space when storing it.

SportPlus Fitness Trampoline with Adjustable Handle

It tolerates a maximum weight of 130 kg.

It is the ideal equipment for practicing exercises at home , this trampoline has a jump area of 84 cm and comes equipped with a removable and adjustable support bar that varies in height from 85 to 119 cm.

The structure has 36 bungee cords for cushioning, to offer the user a stable, safe, silent and low impact product for the joints.

This trampoline weighs a total of 11 kg. And it is available in 3 different colors.

Marcy-Fitness Trampoline Fitness

Excellent relation between quality and price

It is a mini folding trampoline , economical and very useful when toning the muscles, legs and abdomen . The equipment has a jump surface of 70 cm and a support bar of 88 cm in height.

The legs of the trampoline have anti-slip rubber to provide maximum stability to the user. In addition, it is capable of tolerating a maximum weight of 140 kg.

The design is very versatile since it allows to assemble the trampoline with different heights and angles.

Hudora folding trampoline
Includes a transport bag made of polyester

We present a great folding trampoline , the structure comes with 8 feet of steel with anti-slip rubber to provide greater safety and protect the installation surface. In addition, it has 48 ultra resistant support springs.

The equipment holds a maximum load of 100 kg. The design has a folding system that allows to bend the trampoline in 4 sections to facilitate the task of transporting and storing it.

Benefits of using a trampoline
If you thought that using a trampoline was simply a recreational activity for children, think again! Many scientific studies have proven that using a mini trampoline for your physical training gives your health countless benefits, here and now we tell you everything about it.

Strengthens your cardiovascular system: Trampoline jumping makes your blood flow, which brings more oxygen to your cells.
Stimulate your lymphatic system: The movement you do when jumping up and down stimulates your lymphatic system, allowing your body to release toxins.
Reduces stress levels: Jumping on a trampoline releases endorphins and reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.
Improve your balance: By jumping frequently improve your balance, posture and coordination.
It helps increase bone density: This activity prevents diseases such as osteoporosis, since the rebound benefits bone mass by strengthening the bones.

How to choose the right bouncer?
Make a good investment depends exclusively on you, investigate and consider every detail, remember that information is power … In that order of ideas, these are the factors that you should consider when choosing a perfect bouncer.

It is a determining factor. Some available designs allow you to jump barefoot, others require the use of shoes at the time of training. Being really comfortable will depend on the design of your preference.

Rebound type
The level of rebound will depend on the design you choose. Some trampolines have a higher level of rebound, this does not mean they are more effective than other designs.

The trampolines with the highest level of rebound are designed for cardio routines, while the models with little rebound level are designed to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Quality of the painting
Make sure you choose a resistant product, to achieve it choose a model with a firm and stable frame, capable of withstanding the wear and abrasion generated by frequent use.

Indoor trampolines usually cover about 1 meter wide. However, after an exhaustive search you can find some designs of larger or smaller size.

Choose one that suits the space you have available in your home.

They are usually manufactured in nylon, plastic or canvas. The best quality mats will allow you to jump barefoot without hurting your feet.

Springs Vs. Strings
Both systems have their advantages, it will depend on you to choose the one that best suits your life. The ropes are durable and offer greater stability. The springs give you more bounce level but they must be replaced every so often.

Stability bar
Some routines require a point of support. Opt for a trampoline equipped with a removable bar, so you can remove it and put it as the occasion warrants.

Maximum capacity
Each model tolerates a specific maximum weight. Choose a design that can support your weight without problems, remember that this factor will determine the level of security offered by the equipment.

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