The trampoline is THE solution for those who want to move without much effort but with a lot of fun. With the trampoline you train the entire body without burdening the joints. A mini trampoline or jume zpne trampoline also fits in every apartment – and almost anyone can train on it, no matter how athletic or unsportsmanlike one may judge. With the trampoline, you will not only get your body going, but your mood will also increase. Because the trampoline leads to the release of endorphins. Refreshed, light and cheerful, get off the trampoline!

Trampoline – the holistic training

jumping on trampolineIf you have always wanted to feel weightless, then training on the mini trampoline is ideal for you! The mini or room trampolines fit in every room and allow a holistic workout. This means that not only individual muscle groups are trained, but almost all muscles at the same time.

As the heart and lungs are also activated on the trampoline (also called “jumping mat”) , we also have cardio training . As a result, the blood circulation is promoted very well and with it the supply of each individual cell with nutrients and oxygen. In parallel, the lymph flows, which in turn promotes the detoxification of the body.

What makes the trampoline so unique is further that it gives relaxation . As soon as you stand on the mat, you feel relaxed and light – even if you are actually overweight . This feeling you will look for in vain on the exercise bike, the rowing machine or the elliptical machine, and on the treadmill anyway.

On the trampoline, however, it does not matter how many kilos you put on the scales. Weightlessness envelops everyone – from the first second.

There is thus no other sports equipment on which even inexperienced with such little effort and with so much fun complete such an all-round training and can achieve such a great health effect – and all without burdening the joints .

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