Trampoline Installation steps and instructions:

Installing a trampoline properly in your house is crucial for the safety or your family there are different steps and equation of trampoline configuration, let’s see what are the different steps:

At last you went out and bought the trampoline that the children have been asking for and you have brought it home. You are officially the Dad of the Year, but there is a small problem. The trampoline is still in a cardboard box. Someone has to ride it.

How to Build A Trampoline?

  1. Place all the pieces on the lawn near the place where you will place the trampoline. Classify them neatly in groups. Compare the parts with the parts list in the Owner’s Manual. If you are missing a part, contact the distributor for replacements.
  2. Place each piece of the frame on the ground. When you have them all in place, mount the trampoline frame, including the safety net frame. As you get closer to finishing it, it becomes harder to maneuver. Ask a partner to help you complete the frame. Insert all the joints by hitting the mixed joints with a rubber mallet. You can also put a piece of wood in each joint and hit it two or three times with a hammer. This removes pressure from the board momentarily, allowing it to fit into place.
  3. Add the springs to the frame, leaving them hanging to the ground. If your model is of open hooks, make sure they are face down when you pull them into position. Stretch the trampoline (the jumping surface) outwards under the frame. With the help of your partner, hook the bed to the springs of the frame. It is important to follow this step to the letter to avoid stretching the springs incorrectly and for the rings on the bed to tear.
  4. Open the spring cover and attach it to the washers. The loops must share the washers with the springs, so you must entangle them. If you do, the ties will break when the trampoline is used.
  5. Extend the net outside on the lawn until it is evenly distributed on the guide lines. Make your partner help you extend the network to avoid getting tangled. Hang the net on the frame, allowing it to overlap at the entry point. Tie the net securely to the structure of the trampoline.

How to install a buried trampoline?

The installation of a buried trampoline can give you peace of mind. The chances of getting hurt rise if many people, especially children, use the trampoline. But when placing it on the ground, long falls are avoided. Consider installing an underground drainage system and a masonry wall to prevent landslides, flooding or subsidence. Decide where you will fit the trampoline and start planning.

Get the measurements of the trampoline, including height and width. Leave 1 foot (0.30 meters) of lateral space for air to flow in and out from below the trampoline. This allows a better bounce. To prevent landslides, the width of the hole should be equal to that of the trampoline.

Excavate the well for the trampoline with a shovel or backhoe.

Prevents water from stagnating after the rains by installing perforated drainage pipes. Place them in the center of the circular foundation.

Accommodates masonry blocks on the side walls of the trampoline. Spread mortar between each block to ensure they remain in place; Let them dry for four to six hours.

Place the frame of the trampoline inside the hole and put the mat on top. Join the mat to the frame by adjusting it to the springs.

Attach a safety pad over the springs for extra stability. The buried trampoline is now ready to use.

How to install a trampoline in a pool

The pools are directly associated with fun and leisure , especially in the summer season and among the youngest ones. Taking a dip is an ideal plan and even more so when we have accessories in the pool such as trampolines or slides . But to be able to enjoy it, it is necessary to make an adequate installation, as well as to use them correctly. So that you know what you have to take into account, in this article of how we present you some tips for the installation and use of swimming pool trampolines.

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Steps to follow:
1. First, when installing a trampoline in your pool, you must take into account the safety regulations of your country or region. As well as always opt for approved accessories, whose origin is reliable and gives you a guarantee.

2. In this way, when choosing the most appropriate trampoline, you must take into account certain factors such as the depth of your pool, the age of the people who will use it, etc.

3. Also, to perform the installation you can choose to do it yourself with the necessary tools and follow the instructions of the manufacturer, or hire a company specialized in the installation of trampolines for swimming pools.

4. One of the most important points of the installation of trampolines will be the correct fixation to the edge of the pool, as well as we must always take into account the maximum weight supported by the trampoline.

5. Once you have a trampoline in your pool, it will be essential to make proper use of this accessory, because if you do not do it, it can be dangerous especially for the little ones in the house. This is why children should always use the trampoline under the supervision of an adult person.

6. When jumping off the trampoline, we must first make sure that nobody is under it swimming or nearby and we can harm it.

7. It will also be necessary to take measures to avoid slips on the trampoline, for example, using non-slip materials and products that prevent falls.

8. And, at all times, the trampoline should be used with common sense to avoid accidents.

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