Trampoline Safety guidelines:

Trampoline Safety guidelines

Trampoline Safety guidelines

If you want to reduce the risk associated with the trampoline accident, then you should follow up safety guidelines, which are being agreed upon by the concerned medical organizations. Here are some safety guidelines for your knowledge:

  • Never allow children below 6 years of age on trampoline
  • Always supervise kids and don’t permit more than one kids to jump at a time
  • Prohibit high risk somersaults, hotdogging or other tricks
  • Locate the surface of a trampoline at the ground level, which simply means that you have to dig a pit so as to sink it in your backyard
  • Frame, springs and also the surrounding area must have shock absorbing and protective padding
  • Make sure that protective padding is in good condition
  • When damaged, the net enclosure, protective padding and several other parts must be replaced or repaired.
  • Check almost all equipment in a frequent manner.
  • Keep trampoline away from any structures, fences or trees
  • Leave a safer distance near pools & play areas
  • When it comes to a home rebounder, store it where kids have no access.
  • Be sure that trampoline sports like diving and gymnastics make use of experienced spotters and trainers in addition to protective equipment including helmets and harnesses for advanced moves.

Many injuries still happen despite adult supervision. Due to the overall risk, most of the homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover injuries related to trampoline. So, the absolute safest way of avoiding trampoline injuries is by staying away from them.

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