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A few years ago, only a limited number of trampolines were available in the USA, mainly with a blue edge and without a safety net. Little attention was paid to safety, which meant that, especially in the early years, the polis were frequently visited by mainly young users of the trampoline.

Since about three years, the trampoline culture has completely changed. Trampolines are nowadays available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Much attention has also been paid to safety since then. Since, in addition to the appearance of the trampoline, parents consider safety to be the most important, the sale of a safe trampoline has risen sharply since 2013. Three good trampoline brands are indented here and have not only made the trampolines more beautiful, but also a lot safer. As a result, the number of trampoline accidents has fallen sharply in recent years.

Safe trampoline brands


The trampoline brands Skywalker – Giantex-  Zupapa are continuously improving the safety of the trampolines. For example, the trampoline protection edges, the safety net, and the trampoline frame have been modified several times in recent years to make the trampoline even safer. The use of so-called Gold-coloured Conical Springs (feathers) has also helped to make these trampolines much safer. The safest trampoline, of course, remains the Springfree trampoline because no springs are used and the safety net is extremely solid and sturdy.

Good trampoline brands in the Netherlands are: Skywalker – Giantex-  Zupapa

A classic example of a safe trampoline, the First Class trampoline from Skywalker.

What should you pay attention to when buying a safe trampoline?

When purchasing a trampoline you have to pay attention to a number of important points. Below the 5 most important:


  1. The most important thing for safety is the trampoline frame. If the trampoline frame is not strong enough, then the whole trampoline is not safe. A frame should be at least 30 mm thick (for trampolines up to 213 cm) or at least 38 mm for the trampolines from 244 cm. The thickness of the steel used must be at least 1.5 mm thick. Anything less than 1.5 mm is not suitable for a trampoline and therefore the trampoline is unsafe. Pay attention to this, this prevents serious accidents.
  2. The given guarantee on a trampoline. A trampoline must be given a minimum of 2 years’ warranty, even on the trampoline rim and the safety net. The better brands even give as a minimum warranty 3 years to a maximum of 10 years. If only 1-year warranty is given then you can assume that it is a faulty trampoline.
  3. The trampoline protective edge that comes standard with most trampolines. The trampoline rim is a very important component for the safety of a trampoline. The trampoline protective edge should be made of a sturdy material and of course, it must have sufficient thickness so that the jumper is well protected against the trampoline springs. A good trampoline and is made of “Coated PVC” and therefore has a long lifespan. The PVC must therefore also have a minimum thickness of approx. 0.35 mm. The best filling for a protective edge is “closed cell foam”.This is foam which stays good for a long time and is not pulverized, such as cheaper foam. With the cheaper foam, the trampoline rim loses its firmness and thickness after 1 year, which can cause accidents. The minimum thickness of a trampoline edge must also be at least 2.5 cm. Thinner edges are a danger for the trampoline jumper.
  4. The maximum spring weight and jumper weight. A good trampoline of 183, 200 or 213 cm must have at least an individual bale weight of 120 kg and a total loadable jumping weight of at least 700 kg. A trampoline from 244 cm must be able to withstand at least a jumper of 150 kg and must have a maximum jumping weight of at least 750 kg. If a trampoline has a jumping or bumping weight of 100 kg or less, then you already know in advance that faulty, inexpensive materials have been used and the trampoline is unsafe and has a short lifespan.
  5. The brand of the trampoline . A good trampoline can only be from a real trampoline brand . Unbranded trampolines (read: cheap trampolines) are almost always made of cheap, poor materials and never meet the required safety regulations. These trampolines are unsafe and are often no longer usable within a year. So look carefully if the trampoline has a brand (for example Berg, Avyna, Etan, Salta, Game on Sport) and whether this brand has its own website with service department. Many inexpensive imported trampolines from China are provided with a “fake brand name” and do not have their own service department, so you can never fall back on anything in case of damage.


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