What should you pay attention to when choosing a trampoline?

Are the edge cushions thick enough?

The thicker and stronger the edge cushions, the safer your best trampoline. Always make sure that the pillow is far enough over the springs. Is it easy to pull the edge cushion away so that the feathers are visible, then you usually do not have a good trampoline. If you have to pull hard and you barely get to see the feathers, then the chance is smaller that small feet can get caught between the springs. You are then certain that you have a good quality trampoline.

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Material in the edge cushions

A trampoline is outside in rain and wind. It is therefore important that the protective pad does not absorb water. An edge cushion that consists of “Closed cell foam” does not absorb moisture and maintains its firmness.

Number of stitching seams

See how thick the seams of the jumping mat are. The seams of a good jumping mat should be stitched up to 6 or 8 times.

Tube thickness and pipe wall

Very simple: the thicker the tube and the thicker the tube wall, the stronger the trampoline. The thickness of the tubes determines how much the trampoline can carry. It is also very important that the pipes are galvanized, so they can not rust.

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