Where can I buy a cheap trampoline which is small/mini size along with net, spring, and mat?

We at Best Trampoline Reviews offer the widest range and options of trampolines. Although answering the question which is the best trampoline for you might be difficult as it depends on your requirement as the place of the house you want to keep the trampoline, age group of users, safety requirements etc. So, Here is our preferred list of trampolines. You need to choose for the list as per your requirements.

There are now many web shops that offer a trampoline for sale. 50% of these web shops offer very bad trampolines. The only advantage of these trampolines is the low price, but the quality is usually worthless. 90% of the other half of the web shops cannot or do not give adequate advice about a trampoline. This is because they have insufficient product knowledge and usually sell the trampolines from an attic room.

In the Netherlands, there are only 5 to 10 webshops online that sell good quality trampolines and also give good advice about a trampoline through the knowledge they have about a trampoline. The better trampoline shops also provide a minimum of 2 years warranty on all trampolines. Below we give you some tips so you can be sure that you are buying a good, safe trampoline.

Recommended Trampolines:

Recommended Trampoline Nets:

Recommended Trampoline Mats:

What are the 5 most important points to pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

The trampoline can be used for several things: taking a nap, sunbathing, reading a book, but also a ball game and jumping rope can all be done perfectly! There are also plenty of benefits for adults: there is a faster calorie burn, you become smoother, it leads to less strain on the joints, your legs get a more beautiful figure, there is a faster oxygen supply and it is stress reducing. Because you use almost all your muscles with jumping on a trampoline, it is very good for your condition. In short: enough reasons to buy a trampoline and fully enjoy it!

The decision to buy a trampoline is wise when you have room for it. The trampoline can be placed in the ground as well as above the ground. When you choose the last option, we will deliver a stair if you wish.

Do you want to know more? Then contact Best Trampoline Reviews. We have a wide choice of trampolines and other play equipment. Look further on this site for our offer. All our products can easily be ordered online with us.

The most important thing is the frame. If the trampoline frame is not strong enough, then the whole trampoline is not safe. A frame should be at least 30 mm thick (for trampolines up to 213 cm) or at least 38 mm for the trampolines from 244 cm. The thickness of the steel used must be at least 1.5 mm thick. Anything less than 1.5 mm is not suitable for a trampoline and therefore the trampoline is unsafe. Pay attention to this, this prevents serious accidents.

The given guarantee on a trampoline. A trampoline must be given a minimum of 2 years’ warranty, even on the trampoline rim and the safety net. The better brands even give as a minimum warranty 3 years to a maximum of 10 years. If only 1 year warranty is given then you can assume that it is a faulty trampoline.

The trampoline rim that comes standard with most trampolines. The trampoline rim is a very important component for the safety of a trampoline. The trampoline protective edge should be made of a sturdy material and of course it must have sufficient thickness so that the jumper is well protected against the trampoline springs . A good trampolinerand is made of “Coated PVC” and therefore has a long lifespan. The PVC must therefore also have a minimum thickness of approx. 0.35 mm. The best filling for a protective edge is “closed cell foam”.This is foam which stays good for a long time and is not pulverized, such as cheaper foam. With the cheaper foam, the trampoline rim loses its firmness and thickness after 1 year, which can cause accidents. The minimum thickness of a trampoline edge must also be at least 2.5 cm . Thinner edges are a danger for the trampoline user.

The maximum spring weight and jumper weight . A good trampoline of 183, 200 or 213 cm must have at least an individual bounce weight of 120 kg, and a total loadable jumping weight of at least 400 kg. A trampoline from 244 cm must be able to withstand at least a jumper of 150 kg and must have a maximum jumping weight of at least 750 kg. If a trampoline has a jumping or bumping weight of 100 kg or less, then you already know in advance that faulty, inexpensive materials have been used and the trampoline is unsafe and has a short lifespan.

The brand of the trampoline . A good trampoline can only be from a real trampoline brand . Unbranded trampolines (read: cheap trampolines) are almost always made of cheap, poor materials and never meet the required safety regulations. These trampolines are unsafe and are often no longer usable within a year. So look carefully if the trampoline has a brand (for example Berg, Avyna, Etan, Salta, Game on Sport) and whether this brand has its own website with service department. Many inexpensive imported trampolines from China are provided with a “fake brand name” and do not have their own service department, so that you can never fall back on anything in the event of damage.

Which trampolines would we never buy?

Top 3 bad trampolines (according to our test team, see the big trampoline test ):

Where can i buy a cheap trampoline which is small/mini size along with net, spring and matThere were actually only 3 trampolines from the test that we would never recommend to anyone. These trampolines scored inadequately on most points and were judged unsafe, not fine and unstable by the test team. At a further inspection, the frame and the trampoline edge were not found to meet the correct specifications, which gave these trampolines a greasy inadequate result.

On 1: the blue Hema trampoline 244 cm (model 2013) . Negatives: thin, poor quality trampoline and, the frame is made of cheap steel that is not sufficiently galvanized (causing the trampoline to rust quickly), the maximum jumping weight is only 100 kg (has to do with the bad frame) and he feels during the jumping is very unstable. Our conclusion: do not buy this trampoline, it probably does not last for 1 year yet.

On 2: the Exit Twist trampoline 244 cm with safety net pink gray . Although Exit Toys normally delivers good, solid trampolines they hit the board completely wrong with the Exit Twist trampoline . At first sight, the Exit Twist sees trampolinevery nice, but the test shows that it rattles on all sides. The first and most important flaw is the frame. The legs are only 33 mm thick and the steel thickness is only 1 mm, which is both too little and can lead to unsafe situations in the long run. As a result, this trampoline only has a total jumping weight of 100 kg, which amounts to 1 child up to 35 kg. An adult or multiple children at the same time is therefore not possible. The protective edge has 2 colors (pink and gray), but if you turn it around more often it will become slacker and you will unfortunately no longer get it in the right place. The edge is also only 1.5 to 2 cm thick, so dangerous! Finally, the safety net is of such poor quality that it hangs completely at the top (is not reinforced at the top, see image below) after a while of jumping. At the bottom the net can not be adequately attached, it is possible for the smaller children to slip underneath so that this creates unsafe situations. Conclusion: for the price of € 199.00 there are much better and safer trampolines for sale!

On spot 2 of the bad trampoline test, the exit twist trampoline 244 cm:

Buy Exit Twist Trampoline with safety net 244 cm

The worst of these 3: Trampoline 244 cm of the Gamma (model 2013) : here we can be short about: when building up there was so much wrong that there never really has been a real trampoline. The frame was of poor quality and did not fit in or together, the edge was made of flubber material and can be used better as a sail, because it was not much thicker. Our conclusion: never buy this trampoline, it is a real bad buy!

Good trampoline brands
From all the information we have collected on this site we can conclude that there are 3 good trampoline brands in the Netherlands, that bring real good, top trampolines to the market at a great price. These are in random order: Salta trampolines , Avyna trampolines and Springfree trampolines. If you are going to buy one of these good trampoline brands then you can be sure that you have a good trampoline at home. Also all trampoline parts and trampoline accessories of these 3 trampoline brands are of high quality. A trampoline protective edge , trampoline ladder or a trampoline cover from Salta, Avyna Pro-Line or Springfree trampolines will last for years and will remain beautiful and good for a long time.

Buy Trampoline Parts as Mats, Nets:

At this website you will not only find trampolines, you can also find trampoline parts. For example, if you suffer from damage or wear. We have an extensive range of spare parts for your trampoline in all common sizes. The size in diameter is global. For example, an edge cushion will be 305 cm. also fit on a trampoline of 300 cm. We are your supplier for your Trampoline parts and accessories. We only supply products with a good quality and a good price.

For example a rim cushion. For safety reasons, you should always take a trampoline with a top rim cushion. One that goes well over the springs, is thick enough to absorb shocks and must remain well during jumping. A cheap edge cushion is often expensive. You will have to purchase a new one within 1 to 2 years. Or worse … that your child is injured or injured. This does not outweigh the purchase of a trampoline of good quality.

You have a trampoline and are looking for accessories. On our website you can find a number of accessories for your website. Some examples:

– A cover. With a cover, your trampoline stays protected 24 hours a day, in all types of weather and lasts longer. This article is definitely recommended if your trampoline is always outside.
– A ladder. If you do not dig in your trampoline, we advise you to buy a ladder. This way your child can easily get on and off and that reduces the risk of accidents.
– A tent. If your child would rather play than jump on your trampoline, it is better to buy a tent. The advantage is that your child can play outside in the rain. With a trampoline you create a sturdy hut from your trampoline.
– An anchor set. An anchorage set prevents a trampoline from tipping over or blowing a strong gust of wind. With an anchor set you firmly secure your trampoline to the ground.
– A trampoline Bounce Board. You do not come across this accessory so much in the Netherlands. It is a kind of snowboard for your trampoline. You stand here with your feet on and you can jump like on a snowboard or a wakeboard. In principle, this is intended for young people and adults with a little more jumping experience. This allows you, for example, to practice jumps that are not yet successful on the skate or snowboard.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products. You can easily search and order through our well-organized webshop. Look for this on this website. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Compare trampolines? Simply and conveniently compare the trampolines

Now compare different trampolines with us. Trampolines can vary greatly in size. Jumping on a trampoline can be great exercise for children and adults. Many houses now feature large trampolines in the courtyard for children to play. The range we offer is very wide. There are both round and rectangular trampolines. Trampolines that are very favorably priced and those with a higher price and a very durable quality. Most trampolines we have in stock in our warehouse. In addition, we can supply parts that are also in stock for a large part. Take a quick look at the rest of our site where you can search and compare. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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