Different Types Of Trampolines:

Trampoline typesThey are available in a variety of variations. Fitness trampolines, garden trampolines, mini trampolines or ground trampolines are just a few types of trampoline that can be found on the internet. However, building a trampoline is the same for most species based on shape, size, usage, and investment involved. At times trampolines can be really expensive so while choosing the trampolines one should pay attention to the features and usage of trampolines. It consists of a jumping sheet, which is connected by elastic springs with a solid metal frame. This construction then stands on solid metal legs or is simply attached via a pit in the ground. In trampolines especially for children, an extra safety net is often attached to the edge of the trampoline, which provides sufficient protection and avoids injuries optimally. In addition, there are so-called jumping mats, as a great alternative to traditional jumping equipment. These can easily be stowed under the bed or next to the closet and are ideal for, for example, the nursery suitable. Fitness or gymnastics trampolines usually have a diameter of 80 – 100 cm. Due to their size, these trampolines are only suitable for jumps and are best suited for sports units and gymnastic exercises. There are already numerous courses, as well as DVD`s, which work exactly with these trampoline types.

Trampoline Species

Trampolines are fun for big and small. Smaller models (up to 1.50m in diameter) can easily fit into the interior of the house. Larger, which should withstand 2-4 K Indians, but should be placed in the garden. As you can see there are many different types of trampolines and for each variant to fully enjoy the fun factor.

Various types of recreational trampolines

There is a plethora of recreational trampolines available in various sizes and model variants on the market today. Basically, the structure of all models is similar. The jumping surface is formed by an elastic jump cloth, which consists mostly of synthetic fibers such as polyamide or polypropylene. The jumping cloth is clamped by means of numerous springs in a solid metal frame. In order to provide for the expansion of space under the jump sheet, the trampoline is set up on stands. Exceptions are ground trampolines, which are mounted over a jump pit, and trampolines, which use rods made of fiberglass instead of springs.

Read about following Trampoline Types in details:

Inflatable Trampoline

For smaller children, you can fall back on an inflatable variant as a particularly safe alternative to the conventional trampolines. These trampolines do without hard metal elements that could hurt you. The skate is embedded in these models in a body made of vinyl plastic, which can be inflated. Another advantage of this variant is that the trampoline can be stored in a particularly space-saving manner.

Gymnastics and fitness trampolines

Gymnastics and fitness trampolines or mini-trampolines are compact models that can be built indoors or outdoors. Usually, they have a diameter between 90 and 130 centimeters and are height adjustable. The mini trampolines are mostly designed especially for fitness exercises and do not allow acrobatic exercises because of the low jump height.

garden trampolines

Garden trampolines are, as the name suggests, designed for installation in the garden. Their diameter is between 240 and 490 centimeters, resulting in a height of the jumping surface of 80 to 100 centimeters. Since the spring effect of this trampoline variant is relatively high, many models are surrounded by a vertical safety net, which reduces the risk of accidents. Garden trampolines are now also available as year-round models, which can also be left in the garden during the cold season. In addition to the usual garden decoration such as a solar fountain, the garden pond or garden furniture provides a trampoline in the garden for exercise and fun in their own garden. Especially the children will love the trampoline and spend whole afternoons on it while you sit in front of the garden fountain in your garden furniture and watch the hustle and bustle completely relaxed.

What to pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

When buying trampolines for sports, games, and leisure, there is a lot to consider. First, you should choose a model that fits the site. You should also inform yourself in advance about the jump effect. An important aspect of shopping for trampolines is safety. The model should meet all safety requirements and be TÜV certified.