Double Mini Trampoline:

Those who choose Trampoline as a sport should not have a fear of heights. This discipline takes place in space and gymnasts jump up to 8 meters high. The trampoline gymnasts jump series of 10 different elements, combining flips and screws during the jumps.


The trampoline jumpers are judged on the difficulty and the execution of their exercises.

At the highest level, almost exclusively multiple flips are jumped, combined with multiple screws.

Trampoline has been an Olympic sport since 2000 and is the only gymnastic discipline where synchronous competitions are on the program in addition to an individual competition.


The double mini-trampoline is the result of an experiment with 2 mini-trampolines. Jumps on the double mini trampoline ask daring, coordination, perfection, … The gymnasts perform two different crossings in the preliminary rounds and two more passes in the final.

  • A passage consists of two jumps: one jump where one leaves and lands on the double mini trampoline and one jump where the gymnast leaves on the double mini trampoline and lands on the landing mats.
  • Double mini trampoline has been on the program since 1974 within the Trampoline discipline.
  • A jury panel consists of 5 executive judges and 2 difficulty judges. In addition, there is also a chairman who must lead everything in the right direction.
  • Each executive judge judges an exercise at 10 points. The three middle scores are added and then the difficulty is counted.
  • A double mini trampoline 3.5 meters long, 1.9 meters wide, 70 cm high and weighs about 140 kg.


Almost everyone has jumped on a mini trampoline: in the club, at school, … A mini trampoline is often used as a training device, but the Gymnastics Federation also organizes competitions in this discipline. After a strong run, a spectacular jump follows with landing on the landing mats.

  • A mini trampoline consists of a frame (1.20 x 1.20 meters) that is placed at an angle. In it a jumping cloth is stretched with the aid of springs. The mini trampoline weighs about 38 kg.
  • Minitrampoline is not an official FIG discipline within the trampoline family.
  • The mini trampoline is widely used in demonstrations for its spectacle value.

Double mini trampoline gymnastics 6x6mm

The brand new FIG certified Ultimate Double-Minitramppoline 6×6 from Eurotramp. 

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• Unique in the world: the innovative 6×6 mm high-performance jumping mat. 
• Optimization of the shedding force in the center of the jumping mat ensures better protection of the gymnast. 
• The new frame is efficient, safe and durable and has a new protective edge. 
• More power and durability through optimized suspension. 
• High-performance springs guarantee high performance.
• Unique energy efficiency for the gymnasts. 
• Optimally balanced jumping behavior. 
• Excellent frame stability consisting of high-quality steel. 
The competition trampoline for the future! 

The trampoline has a jumping canvas of 292 x 92 cm and is made of 6×6 mm thick woven nylon bands. She has 98 + 4 steel springs and features high-quality galvanized oval frame. 
This trampoline comes with 2 transport wheels.

Double mini trampoline olympics:

Lioness Sebastian Raschke topper in Double Mini Trampoline:  Lioness Sebastian Raschke is 17 and since last weekend Flemish-Brabant champion Double Mini Trampoline. In Ternat he reached the limit for the Belgian Championship. Sebastian Raschke is not afraid of a stunt more or less. The 17-year-old gymnast of Turnkring Ten Gaerde from Groot-Bijgaarden was five when he got the trampoline microbe. Double Mini Trampoline is almost the kamikaze discipline within the trampoline sport. “. You walk on as fast as you can, you jump in as far as possible, so that you have a lot of strength and height. You come once in the oblique plane and then you do a somersault or a basic jump, an easy jump, and then you do another leap “, Raschke explains,” it is really a very cool discipline. But unfortunately many gymnasts switch to the ordinary trampoline because that is an Olympic discipline. “A report on this spectacular sport will be shown on Friday in RINGtv Sport.

Double mini trampoline routines:

The things you loved doing as a kid—running around, not sitting still—have been shown to be great for you as an adult. Now, jumping on a trampoline joins that list.

A new study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) finds that bouncing on a mini trampoline for less than 20 minutes is just as good for you as running, but feels better and is a lot more more fun.

The researchers gave a group of 24 fit college kids a mini trampoline and popped in a 19-minute trampoline exercise video. They measured the jumpers’ heart rates and oxygen expenditure every minute.

Trampolining was found to be moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise: with about the same physical effects as running six miles per hour, biking, or playing football, basketball or ultimate Frisbee. Yet when people were asked to rate how exerted they felt, they gave scores more consistent with light-to-moderate intensity—suggesting that the workout felt easier than it should have.

That’s one of the upsides to bouncing on a trampoline, besides conditioning your calf and leg muscles. “One downside of running is that it can lead to orthopedic injuries,” says study author John Porcari, professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. But even though the motions are similar in jumping, the trampoline absorbs some of that shock, causing the impact forces on the feet and lower extremities to ease up, he says. “It absorbs the shock instead of you pounding on the pavement, and that makes it seem easier than it is.”

It’s also, obviously, a lot of fun—no small factor when it comes to getting people to exercise, which Americans are notoriously loath to do. “When you’re following along to a video or doing something fun, the enjoyment factor overrides the fact that you’re working hard,” Porcari says. “You just focus on having fun.”