Trampoline – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2018


To buy a trampoline should review various factors related to the safety of the same, including the weight that can bear, knowing that it is essential to know how many people can be on it at the same time, also, it is worth evaluating how resistant are the security meshes, and the rest of the fabrics. It also inquires about the stability and support of the legs, the level of separation of the surface from the ground, etc. The Ultrasport Jumper modelis, according to the users and specialists that we consult, the right option to choose because it has a high resistance elastic surface with the corresponding safety certification, and is capable of supporting up to 150 kg of weight, so that it is suitable for one or several people, depending on their weight and age. In the second option we find the model LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T245-PA8 that also has several features that promote good operation and experience of use.

What is the best trampoline on the market?

Having a trampoline in the backyard of your home is the dream of any child to be able to spend hours and hours jumping, doing cartwheels and doing acrobatics of a circus artist, however, for parents there are other considerations besides the fun.

Follow this guide to buy the best trampoline for children, this way you will guarantee to make a purchase that makes your children happy while giving you peace of mind.

i bounce trampoline reviews

i bounce trampoline reviews


Shopping guide

Comparison of trampolines

In the search of which trampoline is better you should take into account several aspects, namely:


Types of trampolines

The trampolines or trampolines can be of various types, the usual thing to think of them is a metal structure, usually round, which is covered with a textile on which you can jump. This material is subject to the structure by means of springs that allow rebounding on the surface.

Classic trampolines are usually round, although rectangular trampolines can also be found, but these are more common in gyms or competitions. There are also mini trampolines that serve more for exercise or water trampolines, and a new generation of trampolines without springs that bounce less.



Regardless of the shape of the trampoline, the frame should be very sturdy.



The size of trampoline you buy will depend on the space you have available, your budget and if you are going to use more than one child.

The larger it is, the more weight it can bear without compromising the safety of children. The diameter of the elastic beds available in the market usually varies in a range of between 2 and 5 meters.


Security measures

The main safety measures in relation to trampolines are:

Maximum weight allowed: The springs and the fabric on which they jump have a calculated resistance that can be overcome causing serious accidents if the maximum weight allowed is exceeded. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding this weight supported safely.

Safety mechanism for legs: The legs of the trampoline must be robust and have no risk of accidentally closing, stability above all.

Security mesh : Elastic beds can come with or without security mesh that surrounds it. Our advice, if the trampoline is to be used by children, is to buy one that is surrounded, as a “lock” or “cage” with a safety net. This prevents children from falling off the trampoline, thus avoiding accidents. They usually come with a kind of zipper that opens and closes to enter or leave the trampoline. It is preferable a zipper than others that are closed with velcro as this could accidentally open with the same jumps and jostling of children.

Safety skirt:    With this we mean that the entire perimeter of the trampoline, at the height of the legs, should be covered to prevent any child or pet from getting under the trampoline while other children jump.

Maintenance: As we have mentioned, the rebound action is due to the springs, so it is important to periodically check the condition of the springs. In some cases, if a spring breaks or wears out, it can be replaced but never use a trampoline that has its springs in poor condition.

It is also important to check frequently the state of the fabric on which you jump, remember that it is a fairly stiff fabric that can be damaged by excessive sun, rain, snow, etc. Likewise, the safety mesh and its closure must always be in good condition.

Accessories for the trampoline

Some of the accessories that can come as part of the trampoline or can be purchased separately are:

Cobertor: The purpose of it is to protect the trampoline from rain, humidity, excess sun to ensure greater durability of the same.

Ceiling or Awning: Some trampolines have the possibility of adapting a kind of awning or roof to the trampoline to protect children from direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Stairs: Depending on the size of the trampoline, sometimes it is necessary to use a ladder to climb and get off the trampoline safely. In addition, you can allow access to the bed for cleaning and review more easily.

What is the best trampoline of 2018?


At the time of a birthday, a celebration, an event or during the day to day, the entertainment and fun of your children is a point that you must take into consideration. What better than a trampoline to have fun as never while you can have them in your sights?

If you do not have much knowledge about this type of games, check the following options, among which you will find the best quality trampoline on the market according to the opinions of consumers.


Recommended Products

Ultrasport Jumper

Main advantage:

This trampoline has a wide and comfortable design that allows it to hold a maximum load of 150 kilograms so it is ideal for those days when the youngest of the house want to have fun.


Main disadvantage:

As a disadvantage you could find yourself with the fact that it does not have certain ideal accessories for its use, such as the protection canvas for the weather, so it is not advisable to expose it for a long time in the sun or heavy rains.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

The Ultrasport Jumper could be your best choice since in its category it turns out to be one of the most competitive models in the market in terms of price and quality so you can enjoy pleasant moments with your little ones.





At the time of wanting to acquire a trampoline in order to provide the youngest of the house with moments of great fun and joy, it will always be a concern for parents the security that it can offer, and it is for this reason that We clearly specify all the possible characteristics about this product, so you can be informed if you want to acquire the Ultrasport Jumper.

The canvas that allows the constant rebound of children is subject by elastic bands of high resistance which is a very positive aspect for this trampoline because it provides greater security to it. It also has a safety net accompanied by 8 posts fully padded to prevent children from getting hurt and also the network has a zipper ready to close once the children are inside the trampoline so that they can jump and have fun with full confidence.



Due to the constant use that could be given to the smallest beds of the house in the day to day, it is very important that you know the material with which it is manufactured, so that you can easily deduce the degree of durability and resistance that it could offer you, thus guaranteeing a good investment and at the same time unnecessary expenses in the future especially if you plan to keep it sedentary abroad.

You need to know that this Ultrasport Jumper is made with an excellent material that besides being resistant and durable gives you a first class finish, because the Ultrasport brand has been characterized for years for the quality that each of its products offer you. , also has some extremely strong galvanized steel tubes which in turn give the trampoline an unconditional stability for the safe enjoyment of the youngest of the house.



In addition to the material with which the trampoline is made and the safety that it can offer, it is always good to take into account the design of the article, and it is not for less, since it must be very attractive especially if it is a product that is meant to be considered as a toy for children.

The Ultrasport Jumper is available in three different colors; black with blue king, black with pink and black with green, so you can choose the tone that you like the most.

The diameter of the ring is 366 centimeters and the frames reach a height of approximately 90 centimeters which in turn makes it compact, in addition to its padded poles that prevent children from getting hurt, but that’s not all, thanks to the wonderful design that has the trampoline, children as they play and jump develop their own coordination and exercise even without realizing it.

LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T245-PA8 


This model has a maximum capacity of up to 150 kilograms, so your children can play without any problem. The best thing about the LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T245-PA8 is that in addition to the trampoline, it also includes a protective mesh, which you can easily install to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents.

What makes this product one of the best trampolines of 2018 is that it has a safety certification emanating from the TÜV / GS / CE where they guarantee that the equipment used for this model complies with all the requirements of the law and is completely safe for its use.

Also, if that were not enough, if you’re worried that your trampoline gets wet, you should know that it also includes a protective canvas against the weather conditions that arise.

Your trampoline will be safe!

Get hours and hours of fun with the little ones in the house by purchasing one of the best trampolines on the market from Life Style Pro Aktiv:



Certificate:  This trampoline is endorsed by the TÜV / GS / CE certificate, so it is fully operative in terms of safety and what is even better, complies with all the requirements of the law for its use. You should not worry about the quality of this model, since it has been manufactured under the best standards, corroborating this certification of the aforementioned entities.

Protection:  On the other hand, it should be noted that one of the greatest advantages of this product is that it not only includes the trampoline, but also has a protective mesh that surrounds the entire model and with which children can play and jump without fear that they will fall or that some other type of accident occurs, so if you are concerned about the safety of your children, as well as a quality product, you should know that the LifeStyleProAktiv LS-T245-PA8 is the best trampoline for 150 euros or a little more.

Capacity:  Whether you are looking for this model for children or adults, we must mention that it can support a weight of up to 150 Kg, so a couple of children could enter it without any problem and may even be used by adults without further problems that the limit of its weight, is why it is considered the best trampoline of the moment, since it is synonymous with safety and utility.

Accessories:  On the other hand, as if that were not enough, in addition to the trampoline and the protective mesh, this model offers a safety canvas with which you can protect it from rain or other meteorological events that arise, incredible, right?


LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T185-PA6 


If you were interested in the first model but you noticed that it was too big for your intentions and you are looking for the best trampoline for your children, then the LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T185-PA6! The difference in size between one and another is a diameter of 700 mm, and the amount of weight it can support, since this model only has a maximum capacity of 90 kilograms, a few kilos less compared to the LifeStyle ProAktiv LS-T245- PA8.

In general, they are extremely similar products, in fact, this article also has a safety certification, in this case emanated by CE which guarantees that they have complied with the basic regulations on material and development of the trampoline.

Likewise, it also has a protective mesh, but does not include the protective canvas against the weather.

Below you can know in detail the specifications of this model LS – T185 – PA6 of Life Style Pro Aktiv:



Capacity:  Despite being from the same company, that is, from LifeStyle which has been considered as the best brand of elastic beds, this model is designed for a smaller number of children and therefore can support up to 90 Kg. weight. Although it is not able to support excess weight, users have made it clear that it is an exceptional model.

Protection:  Like the previous model, this trampoline also has a protective mesh that will provide greater security to your children at the time they are using it, and more peace of mind for you. On the other hand, it is worth noting that it never hurts to be cautious with the little ones.

Certificate:  Likewise, the LifeStyleProAktiv LS-T185-PA6 is endorsed by the TÜV / GS / CE certification and therefore fulfills the same requirements of the law and safety as the LifeStyleProAktiv LS-T245-PA8 model. So, you can assume that it has quality materials thanks to which the useful life of the product is prolonged.

Material:  Likewise, as mentioned, this trampoline is made of electro galvanized steel supports, an ultra resistant material, robust and able to stand up to 90 kilograms. On the other hand, mention that it has a diameter of 185 centimeters, so in addition to resistant, it is wide.



Accessories:  Unlike the first model, this trampoline does not bring the protective canvas for the weather conditions. Also, highlight that your instructions are in Engligh only.


SixBros Sport – SixJump CST185 6FT XXL Professional

When asking what is the best trampoline for children, you should make sure that it has a safety net since this guarantees the protection of your children even if you are not one hundred percent of them while they are enjoying the trampoline.

That is why this model brought by SixBros has a mesh as the main structure and, in addition, as an extra has a wrap on the edges of the bed made of an extra strong and resistant material.

The only point against this product is that it does not include a protective canvas in case of rain or strong sun, so a long exposure to it could deteriorate it.

However, it has waterproof material, so the rain should not be a big problem for your trampoline.

Perhaps the trampoline offered by the SixBros company with its SixJump CST185 6FT XXL Professional is another option that might interest you, find out below:



Protection:  This model does not remain behind its competitors and is that it also has its safety net so that you are at peace when children use it. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is designed with “Terylen”, which is a very elastic material so that it is not dangerous for those who use the model.

Material:  If you are not sure about which trampoline to buy that is ideal for different weather conditions, then you should give it an opportunity, since it is designed with a jump canvas made of polypropylene monofilaments, which is a very high material quality and resistance. In addition, as if that were not enough, its edges have a cover made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is resistant and, best of all, waterproof.



Certificate:  It is worth mentioning that although it has a security mesh and different special features, it does not have the TÜV / GS / CE certificate, so it is not known if it has all the requirements required by law.

Accessories:  Likewise, note that just like the previous model, this equipment does not have a protective canvas, so it is never necessary to cover it with something.

Ultrasport Jumper


If you want to entertain your children with this game that every day becomes more famous but you do not have much capital, then the Ultrasport Jumper is the right one for you since this model is considered one of the best cheap elastic beds in the market. Despite being the most economical product on this list, it fulfills its functions perfectly.

It has a protective mesh armed with padded poles, in order to provide greater security to your babies. In addition, it has a suspension system that works with rubber cords to regulate the level of impulse and jump of children to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Even though the Ultrasport Jumper is ideal for any activity, you should know that it is not suitable to be used outdoors because it has no protection against climate changes, which could be a problem for your pocket.

Our next option is designed to be used in spaces a little more reduced but continuing with a large number of guaranteed hours of fun:



Protection:  Of course, when acquiring a trampoline, it is important to check if it is safe for your children. Well, the Ultrasport Jumper does comply with this measure, thanks to the fact that it has its respective protective mesh as the previous models on the list thus offering the protection your children need while having fun.

Installation:  In the same way, we must say that users are very happy with this model because it is very easy to install, that is, it is only a matter of reading the instructions and in a matter of minutes you will have your armed trampoline ready for be used.



Accessories:  This trampoline does not have a protective canvas for the weather, such as for rain, or the sun, therefore it is advisable to use cloth to protect it, use it indoors or disassemble it whenever it is not in use.

Certificate:  On the other hand, it must be said that this model is also not guaranteed by the TÜV / GS / CE certificate. And, as if that were not enough, users have made it clear that it is made of poor quality materials that deteriorate rapidly with time and use. Take precautions!

Hudora Joey Jump 3.0


If your budget is really low but you want to buy a trampoline for your children, then you could invest in the Hudora Joey Jump 3.0, however, it is not a model that we would recommend buying even if it meets the minimum standards, ie the protection mesh to ensure the safety of your children.

This model, according to the opinion of the users, is difficult at the time of being armed, in addition, its maximum weight is only 35 kilograms, so you can not have fun with your children although you want, however, it is an option to consider.

Invest your capital well!

Learn a little more about the benefits and disadvantages offered by the Hudora Joey Jump 3.0 trampoline:



Protection:  Although it is the latest model, it does not mean that it is in worse conditions, since it also has the protection offered by the security mesh, so you will not have to worry about the welfare of children. As long as it is installed correctly, there will be no major problem.

Compact:  Being its trampoline of size 140 cm, it is really compact so you can place it wherever you want and it will not occupy space while your child has fun. It must be said that it is designed with children in mind, and its physical measurements make it clear, however, it is ideal to be used inside or outside the house and the best thing is that it is one of the cheapest trampolines in the world. market.



Installation:  Users claim that it is a complex installation, that is, its assembly is difficult to carry out since, even following the instructions of the team, it requires more concentration and time for its assembly. Take precautions and seek help!

Zipper:  The common thing is that the opening is designed with a zipper, in this case it is not. It is made with Velcro, which is easily opened by children of any age, so users recommend paying attention to their children during use.


How to use a trampoline

This product is made up of a strong elastic canvas firmly interlocked to a metal structure through a set of springs, with the aim of being able to jump and exercise. In the market there is a wide range of brands and models of different shapes and sizes.


Types of trampolines

The most common are circular, square and rectangular. They are used, mainly, as a recreational activity for children, youth and adults. It should be noted that the trampoline is incorporated into the Olympic competitions – in the gymnastic discipline – from the year 2000 in the Australian city of Sydney.



Generally, the trampolines come from the factory with the following accessories: a side mesh that serves as a security guard or perimeter, an access ladder and a protective lining to store the equipment. For reasons of user protection, the structure of the trampoline is lined with foam rubber, which absorbs impacts due to slips or falls.


The trampoline and weight loss

Using a trampoline quickly burn calories. It is recommended to minimize stress, oxygenate and improve blood circulation. Jumping in a measured and cautious way, you develop your motor coordination and sense of balance, aligning hips and lower extremities, as well as entertainment.

Safe use mode

An essential part of the process of use and enjoyment of this gymnastic product is its proper installation. There is no way to do it without reading and clearly understanding the instruction manual. After the suitable installation of the trampoline on a firm and completely horizontal surface (never on any slope or inclined terrain), you proceed to check the fastening of all the components of the equipment (remember the access ladder and the protective mesh). Only then can you start using it.

Although they are resistant products, after the enjoyment it is convenient to protect them from the elements and their multiple rigors (rain, wind, temperature changes).


Avoid injuries and damage

There is only one way to get up and down the trampoline safely: using the ladder. Once up, locate yourself in the center and jump safely and balance. Bend (bend) the knees while jumping and, above all, falling on the canvas. It is best to jump one person at a time to avoid trips and blows between two or more “jumping”.

Recommendations for use

We recommend barefoot jumping (you can use socks) and comfortable clothes that allow you freedom of movement. As in airports, it leaves out any metallic or sharp objects that can hit or scratch the components of the trampoline (key rings, lenses, pens, cameras or telephones).

For reasons of obvious caution, while jumping there should not be under the trampoline or objects (chairs, stools, handbags), or people or pets. Children should always be in the company of adults who remain attentive to the access and descent of the bed and, even more, of the jumps.



The trampoline is not a trampoline and should never be used as such. Doing so involves huge risks of slips, falls and undesirable bumps. No one should sit or rest on the trampoline while someone is jumping, this can cause rebound and imbalance.

When it rains or strong wind avoids using the trampoline. The recommended exercise at such times is to hurry to protect it from the rigors of the weather. The wet surface of the trampoline is extremely slippery. This gymnastic equipment is extremely flammable, so it has to be protected from any source of heat.


The most popular brands


Keeping fit is a matter of health and trampolines provide great benefits to your body, with gentle movements that do not exert as much pressure on the joints, compared to when you run. Because we know how important it is for you to choose the best, then you will find three of the most renowned brands that make this product: SixBros, Ultrasport and Alice’s Garden.

It is a family business with more than 10 years of innovation. They strive to offer high quality products and a good price to all their customers. From the city of Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, and with a catalog that focuses on the following lines: for children (trampolines, desks, accessories), house and garden (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom , garden), all for pets (play pens, wooden house for dogs and birds), sports and fitness (treadmills, weight bench, inversion tables), office and accessories (computer table, office chairs), bar and lounge (stools, bar tables).

Its main target is in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. They work in collaboration with some well-known sales platforms worldwide, making the acceptance of the brand known by the clients, who leave their impressions about the quality of the different products on these platforms.

We are talking about a brand that is constantly growing, providing customers with products that, while appealing to the eye, also have a high level of finish and quality. So, if your desire is to acquire a trampoline, do not think about it much and consider Sixbros among your options.

Sport, casual clothes and much more. Slogan that gives character to this brand of Spanish origin. Founded with the aim of producing different ranges of products, aimed at all those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

The company for some years, for not having a physical store, has been responsible for distributing its products through one of the most known and prestigious sales platforms worldwide by people. Reason why it enjoys great popularity among customers, who let their impressions know through it, allowing Ultrasport to improve and evolve in terms of manufacturing products.

The brand has developed 8 broad lines such as: automobile and motor sports, trampoline, camping and outdoor activities, sports and leisure, toys, wristwatches, children’s clothing, and travel. In turn, each one has 2 to 10 categories of varied products, which facilitate the day to day of people, depending on their needs, of course. The proposal put forward by the company is varied and supported in the opinion of its clients. Therefore, when looking for a trampoline this brand will not disappoint you

Concept conceived in France, in 2009, with designs to equip their patios, swimming pools, terraces and much more. We are talking about an expert brand in outdoor equipment and everything related to garden furniture. Thinking about their clients, they develop products focused on topics such as coexistence, be it family or friends.

With designs, colors and materials always at the forefront, the brand has a wide range of products, in order to satisfy the tastes and needs of all customers. Therefore, its catalog includes garden furniture, outdoor equipment, outdoor games, barbecues, gas stoves, swimming pools and spas.

The brand has acquired great recognition quickly in recent years, being a mandatory reference on the internet. Thanks to the work carried out by the staff of highly qualified professionals, who make up the technical team responsible for the planning, design, development and distribution of the products, which are subjected to exhaustive quality control prior to distribution, in order to provide a quality-price ratio that benefits the client. So, undoubtedly, when looking for trampolines you should always resort to this brand.

The Ultimate Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline purchase checklist is the first thing you should go through before buying a trampoline. This is a must to be able to save your family/kids from injuries later. So, you have read the reviews on the top 6 trampolines available in the market. There are certain features that make each of the trampolines best,  Buying a trampoline is a major investment and is not like buying a toy. You have to consider the features, the size, the safety level and plenty of other things prior to making any purchase. So, here you will find a buying guide for a trampoline.

Consider your needs Before you buy any trampoline, you must ask a series of questions to yourself and weigh your needs:

  • What age group will people use the trampoline?
  • What is the height and weight of the users and for how long they will use?
  • Are the kids still growing?
  • What is the size of the backyard?
  • What is the budget? Low price trampolines are also available for the ones who want some trampoline priced lower. But, buying a bigger and nicer trampoline is always beneficial. There are offers and deals you can look for.
  • How will the trampoline be used? If the trampoline is to be used by tumblers, gymnasts, it will have a different sort of making and model. If any of such persons uses the trampoline, they will need a different trampoline.

Points to look for in the trampoline

  • The quality of the frame of trampoline matters a lot. The frame actually offers support and can hold the device together. You must make sure that the frame is of high quality frame and is durable. It will be better if you choose a frame which is galvanized since the galvanized frame is rust resistant and durable.
  • Look for a jumping device which can support or handle easily the weight of the jumper. In case, more than one person jumps in the trampoline, you will need a device with more of weight capacity
  • Look for only durable springs since the springs give the device the much needed bounce. Make sure the trampoline does not use poor quality spring since that can be hazardous. If the spring is of low quality and collapses or breaks, there can be serious accident. Buy a trampoline featuring rust-resistance and that which carries durable springs.
  • Padding is the critical safety feature that you need to look for in the trampoline device. By chance the springs are not padded, there can be accidents. The unpadded spring can injure the user and even the legs and arms may get stuck between the springs. Such potential injuries can be prevented only when your trampoline device has adequate padding.
  • Safety enclosure is another must-have feature in the trampoline which can save the jumpers from injuring themselves. It will prevent the user from flying off the trampoline and landing on the springs and frames.

Steps to be taken for care and maintenance 

Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Buying Guide

Since trampolines are a major investment, you need to take some steps to save it from probable damages. As per the brand, the size and the shape of the trampoline, you need to consider the safety measures. Any high quality trampoline can give you decades of service only when you take care of it and maintain it. Follow the below steps to ensure that your trampoline lasts for a long time:

  • Use proper trampoline cover to safeguard your jumping mat from elements like leaves, birds’ droppings and animals.
  • Ask the user to stay away from the padded edges that carry the springs underneath. If you allow the users to sit, walk, stand or jump on the padded edges, the padding and the springs will deteriorate at a much faster pace.
  • When using the trampoline, the user must use proper socks while jumping on the mat. This will prevent trampoline padding from any damage and keep the trampoline clean. You must often clean the dust and dirt settling on the trampoline. Use only broom or brush to do that.

It is important to make purchases of trampoline only from a reputed manufacturer. The seller must be popular and reputed. If you can ensure this, you will have a well designed and high quality trampoline. Even the replacement parts will be easily available.

Save yourself from injuries Trampolines are safe in every respect but still you need to follow certain steps to prevent injuries. Just like in case of other physical activities, here also while using trampolines, you need to take certain precautions:

  • When you buy a trampoline, it will come with an instruction manual. You should read it carefully prior to using the trampoline. Make sure you assemble the trampoline properly.
  • When using a trampoline or while jumping, you should have some spotter on the ground to monitor probable dangers. If he is alert enough to spot the dangers, the injury can be prevented.

What is safety on the trampoline?

Trampoline safety means following the rules to avoid injury. A trampoline can be dangerous if used improperly. Injuries that can occur on a trampoline include sprains, broken bones, head injuries, bruising and cuts. Injuries commonly occur when a child falls off a trampoline or when it is hit with another person on the trampoline.

What are some safety rules for the trampoline?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no trampolines be used in the home. If you have a trampoline in your home, the following rules will help make your trampoline as safe as possible. Explain the rules to all new friends who come to jump on the trampoline. Teach your child to remind his friends of the rules every time they jump.

  • Always stay with the children while jumping on the trampoline. The supervision of an adult is necessary for safety on the trampoline. The adult must ensure that children follow all safety rules. Any child who does not follow the rules should not be allowed to use the trampoline.
  • Allow only one person to use the trampoline at a time. This will prevent injuries of 2 people hitting each other.
  • Do not allow children to practice somersaults or acrobatics. These could lead to head or neck injuries. Tell them to try to stay in the center of the trampoline while they jump. Do not let anyone jump from another structure to the trampoline. Do not let anyone jump or jump from the trampoline.
  • Keep children under 6 years of age away from the trampoline. Keep the stairs away from the trampoline. This will prevent young children from getting on the trampoline.
  • Make sure the fences and doors leading to the patio and trampoline are locked. This could prevent children from jumping on the trampoline when you are not present to supervise them.
  • Place a safety mesh around the trampoline. This could help avoid falls, but do not depend on it to avoid accidents.
  • Use a safety mat. Make sure that the springs, hooks and frame are protected with a safety mat. Inspect the cover frequently to make sure it is not broken or that there are no metal parts in sight. Also check frequently if there are broken parts or if there are loose hooks.

What should I do if a child is injured on the trampoline?

Keep calm. If the injury appears to be mild, such as a small cut, get a first aid kit and take care of the injury. If you think the child may have a neck, back, or head injury, ask someone to call 911. Do not try to move the child. If there are other children with you, ask other adults to help you monitor them. Stay with the injured child until help arrives.


You have the right to participate in planning your child’s care. Find out about your child’s health condition and how it can be treated. Discuss treatment options with your child’s doctor to decide what care you want for him or her. This information is used only for educational purposes. Your intention is not to give medical advice about diseases or treatments. Consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to find out if it is safe and effective for you.

If you are looking to exercise in a fun manner, you need only a trampoline. Before buying any trampoline, do substantial researches and find more about the features you are getting in the trampoline. Consider your needs and only then you must make purchases. You must consider the reviews on trampoline posted here.

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