If you thought that the trampoline was only for children, you were totally wrong! Trampoline is just another prop for children during birthday parties, but it works as an effective device that can help you lose weight and shape your body in a short period of time.

If you are bored with the current weight loss exercises that you have done, with the trampoline you will certainly add a lot of fun to your exercise routine. And when you like something, you tend to see the best results. Like any other cardio session and aerobic exercises, trampoline exercises can help strengthen organs and elevate your heart rate like never before. How to stay in constant motion, while jumping on a trampoline, you will improve the circulation of blood in the body, increase strength and get rid of persistent fat layers, which are grown in yours for years. Constant Jumping is also ideal for the legs and thighs. Add arm movements and not just add a little ‘more fun for training, but also make it more exciting. If you want to do your challenging exercise, use ankle weights! I can guarantee you, you will see effective results sooner than you imagined.

Why should you exercise on a trampoline?

There are so many ways to exercise, but what is so special trampoline workouts? We’ll see!

Exercising on a trampoline can help you lose weight like never before. Since most time exercises require trampoline to bounce, you are definitely going to burn fat in no time. It increases the metabolism and help digest the meals. Spending only 5 to 10 minutes on the trampoline is almost the same as running a mile? Does not it sound great? If you do not have enough space to go jogging or jogging or brisk walking, consider the latest equipment for weight loss trampolines. You can tone different areas of the body, such as the legs, thighs and stomach if you are diligent enough.

Basic Trampoline Exercises:

Here is everything you need to know about work using a trampoline:

Rebound and stretch:

Before starting to exercise, it is always better to stretch. Doctors and experts have always advised people to stretch before exercising, as it protects you from any type of injury during the exercises. All you have to do for this is to stretch both arms at the same time, while firing. You can change the features, if you want too. Try to do a little head and another right in front of you. Keep your feet straight and repeat as many times as possible for you without rest.

Basic stretching exercises:

You can also try a couple of interesting stretching exercises with the help of a trampoline. For this, you will not exactly use the trampoline, but certainly as a support for you supports everything. All you have to do is lie on the floor with your legs up to the trampoline. After this you can lift your legs and until then I will gently lower you on the trampoline. The features are quite simple and can be changed too. Also, remember to stretch a couple of times.

The basic Jog:

Exercise on the trampoline is easier to execute on it. You will have to start this by lifting each foot off the ground and alternately run slowly. Bring each one of the opposite arm, go for a run. This will make your training more effective. Not only is the heart rate high, but it will also give you a great aerobic workout. To start, you can run for 3 minutes and take a minute of rest. Do another 3 minutes of jogging after you can move to the next exercise.

The rebound of the base:

The rebound of the base is as simple as its name and is perfect for all beginners. To do this the right way, all you have to do is get on the trampoline and start bouncing! Actually, it’s that simple! This not only helps burn calories, but also lose the extra weight. Every time you jump, try to reach the same height. Doing repetitions while bouncing is a great way to exercise your body. For example, 30 times you bounce on the trampoline, take a second to rest and come back for another 10 This not only enjoy your workout, but also give you time to recover.

Rebound and retracements:

Once you’re done with the basic bounce movement, it’s time to take things to another level! Yes, I’m talking about combining with firing kick. All you have to do is choose the right leg and kick while you jump. Alternate your legs every time you shoot in the air. Knock down time the earth. This exercise is not as simple as what can really raise your heart rate and drain completely. This is why it is better to do it in steps. Repeat this exercise as often as possible and repeat the repetitions as well. This will not only help build strength and flexibility, but also burn lots of calories.

Jump Off:

The following exercise is called discount jump! This is super fun to do! All you have to do is get to the trampoline and jump up and down as many times as you want. This will have a great effect on your body and can actually help you lose all the unwanted weight faster than you imagined. You could do 20 rebounds, 10 touch your feet, and then repeat the whole thing. Although these movements can not come very naturally to you, with a little time, practice and patience, you are definitely going to be better and better.

Various Turns:

Who said you can not tone muscles and work your abs using the trampoline? E ‘can do this by adding a few twists to his rebounds. Everything you have to do for this purpose was celebrated with your knee touches. Normally we move our hands to touch the knees, but you can do something different torsion of the trunk and bringing the elbow to the opposite knee as it continues to bounce. You can also try jumping in the air and turning the body. In order to make the best out of this exercise, I suggest you the basic movement.

Cerchiate Your Arms:

If you have ever seen small children and children bounce on the trampoline, then you must have seen them jumping with their arms creating a circle as a shape. It is a fluid movement, which helps them recover a little ‘higher. This will certainly help you burn many calories in a short period of time. All you have to do is increase the repetitions. Play and enjoy this as much as possible. The more you love, the better for you and your body.

Touch the fingers:

One of the best ways to exercise on the trampoline is to touch your toes. Jumping in the air while you are in it. Make sure the jump is high. When doing this, push the legs out and extend them to the front. While doing so, touch the fingers with your fingers at the same time. You can change and change sides in the next bounce. Keep your feet straight when landing on the ground. Do this as many times as possible and try not to stand in the middle.

The bouncing Jack jump:

Those who enjoy a bit of “a challenge, the Jumping Jack bounce is what works for you.All you have to do is get on the trampoline and perform normal jumps.” By doing this, you will realize how difficult it is compared to normal jump shots, however, remember that you need to stay in the middle of the trampoline at all.As you jump up, opening your arms in the air and return to the first position.Do this as many times as One of the best ways to make the bouncing puppet is to jump 30 times, take a break and it will repeat itself, doing a total of 4.5 laps and that’s it!

Benefits of trampoline exercises:

Trampoline workouts are full of benefits. If you are looking for reasons why you should try this product, let me list some of the trampoline benefits.

  1. Trampoline exercises are better than other physical exercises like running and doing aerobics. They have the ability to burn unwanted fat in a very short period of time.
  2. Strengthens bones, muscles and cells. His fitness level has improved and he is excited at the end of the training.
  3. It is not necessary to go to a gym and not as expensive as you might expect it to be.
  4. You are allowed to work together with your children. I just tell them that you want to have fun and play a little “and then reach the trampoline and bounce.
  5. It increases metabolism, increases blood circulation and allows you to enjoy a life that is healthy and fit.
  6. If you are a person suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, consider exercise on the trampoline as a last resort. If you use this every day, you will definitely see some positive changes soon.
  7. People who want to increase their lung capacity or balance their body in a better way should try trampoline workouts.
  8. Trampoline training can help reduce stress levels. This is why most doctors and experts have suggested people working in offices or after busy to try trampoline workouts. This will help you be relaxed and reduce the signs of stress and long-term depression.
  9. Another advantage of trampoline training is detoxification. The lymphatic system is stimulated in the process. Health will remain in the process and the chances of aging slows down.
  10. Trampoline workouts are also excellent for strengthening the joints and ligaments. People suffering from arthritis should treat this equipment. It can also help prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Trampoline workouts are full of health benefits. Several doctors have also said that with the trampoline while working you can improve your health significantly over time. Five minutes trampoline each day can strengthen muscles and increase aerobic capacity. This unit can certainly be an answer to all those who have struggled with their weight.

What a fun way to stay in shape! So let your inner child free and enjoy a “time on the trampoline.

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