Trampoline Game Accessories:

Trampoline Game Accessories

Trampoline Game Accessories

Find all the essential accessories for your trampoline! It is important to equip yourself with all the necessary safety elements to use your trampoline serenely.

Roof, ladder, protection net, skirt and anchoring kit, we have planned everything to ensure maximum strength and safety. All our articles are created according to European regulations in force with regard to safety standards and are subject to regular controls.

Equip your trampoline!

We offer you leisure items to enjoy your trampoline. All these accessories are used without risk on trampolines and will delight children of any age.

Many hours of play are waiting for you with football, dialysis, juggling balls and crazy balls! You will also find giant waxes, GR tapes and our boards and freestyle ski to reach sports and artistic performances!

The accessories to consider Although you may avoid adding accessories to your trampoline, accessories add to the safety level and the functionality. Here is the list of accessories you can use with trampolines.

  1. Canopies and tents: If you dread at the thought of using a very high bouncing trampoline, the use of tent or canopy can make the trampoline safer. With the help of a canopy, you can create a completely enclosed trampoline. The jumper will be prevented from jumping out of the trampoline.
  2. Trampoline Pads: Since all the spring pads are not created equally, you need buy extra pads to add to the level of safety and comfort. In case you have young children to use the trampoline, you need to consider the trampoline pads.
  3. Safety enclosures: Enclosures are the best way of making the trampoline more secured and safer for different age group people. If you find that your model of trampoline lacks an enclosure, you must buy it.
  4. Ladder: any trampoline is not complete without the safety ladder. Since jumping to the edges of the trampoline is dangerous, you must use ladder to get on the trampoline and off the trampoline. In case, there is a safety-enclosure in the trampoline, you need a ladder even more.
  5. Covers: To add a touch of personality to your trampoline, you must consider the use of covers. The cover will protect your device during winters. In fact, covers are available in various shapes, designs ans sizes.
  6. Anchor Kit: If you are looking to keep the trampoline secured to the surface, you need an anchor kit. Those who want to use the trampoline in the outdoors, they can use it with the anchor kit.

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